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Sending PR card outside canada via courier ?

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by sarimraza, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. I have the same question as the original topic.

    I attended some relevant talks organised by an NGO which is designated by Canada. There, I heard that some people might 1) ask others to bring the PR card to them back in their original country, so that they can bring the card to enter Canada or 2) use a courier to mail the PR card to their country. Understandably, the NGO cannot give such advice, so the host there said there might be a risk that your PR card in the envelope might be found out by Canada's customs thru some technology (or simply opening it).

    By that practice, it is also meant that short landing was and probably still is a usual practice among some new immigrants who enter Canada for a few days, leave Canada to do something - like handling property - in their original country, even for a few years, before they actually settle in Canada as a PR.

    The issue is also coupled by the possibility that the PR card arrives really late to the courier/your friends who bring the card.

    Any thought?
  2. Canada does not prohibit sending of PR card by mail. In fact, they request passport from immigrants by asking them to send in mail. So, I don't see the problem even if they open your courier.
  3. as per earlier post in this thread it may not necessarily be on the Canadian side someone needs to be concerned about but the receiving country which may or may not have restrictions. People do this all the time and never seen any posts here about PR cards being intercepted not sure even why they would be as opposed to a passport which is of more value to intercept than a PR card.

    And enclosing in carbon paper would be about as useful as an aluminium foil hat to protect against aliens.
  4. Thanks to both of you. I forgot that there's actually the practice of passport request by mail (precisely because mine is visa-free).

    I'd also say by short landing my first departure from Canada after signing up for PR card would be more obvious - to the customs/immigration - than the mail itself.
  5. Guys...
    in the same way, is there any issue with customs/immigration when u cameback with this Pr card....i mean anyone hzs experienced this.
    Im planned to land in toronto in march for two weeks then go back to my home country for personnal reason and back to canada by the end of june 2017 (once pr received of course).

    Thanks in advance for your comments
  6. @Malik84 : Hi, did you find an answer to your question?
  7. mmmm...a lot of confusion..each one has his own opinion...im still waiting to hear from someone who has experienced this.
  8. I'm not sure what 'issue' either one of you would expect to find? You'd be a PR entering Canada with a PR card.
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  9. Perfect..ive just asked if immigration could ask about sending PR card outside canada...anyway ill do it ...seems not an issue!!

  10. hi All
    I just spoke with CIC call center agent regarding sending PR card via mail/courier to another country like I have traveling plan in November and have applied my renewal PR application in September but she stated its not allowed to send PR card by mail to another country. Border and custom officers will find it as they check envelopes and the document will be seized and you will not get that document back. very confused..please advise if anyone has any experiences.
  11. Hi

    1. More inaccurate information from the call centre. It is not illegal to mail/courier PR card outside Canada, it is done all the time.
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  12. This morning I called them again and requested some reference of this law that pr card is illegal or not allowed to send by mail..they again replied it's what they been told (it might be seize and u will mot get it back) and unfortunately have no reference to forward you
  13. Here, have some references.

    Canada Post's page on what can't be sent out of the country: https://www.canadapost.ca/tools/pg/manual/PGcustoms-e.asp

    CBSA's page on what can't be sent out of the country: http://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/publications/dm-md/d9-eng.html

    Find an ID card anywhere on either of those sections, and then you'll have a reason to believe they can't be sent.

    IRCC won't mail a card outside Canada, but that is NOT the same as you not being allowed to send it. Bear in mind that for many countries, IRCC specifically require that the ID documents be mailed to them (ie, it couldn't possibly be the case that they weren't allowed).
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  14. I guess as you are still not convinced or happy to accept there is likely no issue a card being mailed outside of the country as many people do without issue you will need to make alternative arrangements.

    Granted customs can seize whatever they want but to think that customs are going to scan every single letter envelope leaving the country just in case they find a PR card seems a big waste of resources better spent looking at imports.
  15. By whom?

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