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Sending PR card outside canada via courier ?

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by sarimraza, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. Dear All

    Need fresh update on this topic.

    Our relatives in canada have received our PR cards, we are currently out of canada on a business trip in our native country. Is it ok and legal for our relatives to courier the PR cards to us.

    Could there be some problems in customs ?

    There is some new chip in the card etc -- is that a problem ?

    Do we need to enclose the cards in carbon paper -- please let me know

  2. I don't see any issue sending the PR card via courier.
  3. There are no published restrictions on courier carriage of PR cards. Carbon Paper is an urban myth and does absolutely nothing.

    I had my PR card transferred to the UK via FedEx and it was opened by USA Customs while in transit. Absolutely no problems and they resealed it for onward travel.
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  4. It's perfectly legal. Only risk is if courier loses your package, it will be a big hassle. Make sure to use a reliable courier and get a more expensive priority shipping option.
  5. Sending PR cards abroad appears to be a fairly common practice with minimal risks (there is always the risk of it being lost or incorrectly delivered, and obviously the extent of this risk depends in part on conditions in the destination country).

    That said, there is a Caveat:

    Oddly enough, many ignore that sending documents abroad is not just about what Canadian law allows, but is also dependent on what the destination country's laws are. Sending official documents abroad involves importation of the document into the destination country. Some countries have draconian laws about importing Travel Documents, or about sending Travel Documents through mail or other carriers within that country, and what constitutes a "Travel Document" for these purposes depends on the laws in that country, not on Canadian law. For some countries, there may be a risk the PR card could be confiscated.

    Thus, categorical statements like it is for sure legal are overly broad, even if this is true for most countries.
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  6. What if the relative take the PR Card with them physically back to the native country and give it to the original person in that country?? is that legal and okay? would there be any issues ?
  7. That is fine.
  8. Okay and would cic know the person whos pr they are mailing is outside canada ?
  9. They may. CIC will only mail a PR card to an address inside Canada. If they mail it then it really doesn't matter if they know the person is in or outside Canada at the time.

    If this is for a PR card renewal and they know the person is outside Canada, they may not mail the card at all and will ask them to instead pick up the card in person from local CIC office.
  10. what are the chances of them knowing the person is outside canada? how could they tell if the person is not in canada?
  11. 100% Because, unless you lie (misrepresentation) about your RESIDENTIAL address in Question 12, they will know from the answer to that question.
  12. Well no. I did not lie in question 12 on page 1 about my current residential addres. Since I did not lie, how can they know or tell If I am in canada or not ?
  13. If you were in Canada when you mailed the app, but later left Canada, then CIC can find out if they decide to check with CBSA on your entry/exit records.

    They may ask to pick up the PR card in person regardless if they think you're inside or outside Canada.
  14. So, before you receive your PR card, you are not supposed to leave Canada? Are there a lot of cases in which they checked with the border control about your departure record, question your presence in Canada, and then ask you to get the card in person?
  15. Asking to get the card in person is "random" so no, I think that has nothing to do with border control.

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