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semi-bridging, closed work permit

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by knokkelmann16, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. hello everyone

    I am an SINP (student stream) applicant, had no problems getting my SINP nomination but it seems I`ve made a mistake. Instead of applying for an extension of my PGWP (or more precisely, a closed WP) the moment I got my provincial nomination I waited until I got my AOR on August 20, 2018. Two days later, I applied (on paper) for the extension. to my horror, I found out it takes around 100 days to process paper based applications so I might (and I presume I am not going to) be provided with an extension before my PGWP expires on November 27 as these lazy people are working on mid-June applications now. what would you guys advise me to do in this very situation? I know I still have got plenty of time, but I rather worry now not in mid-november. ought I to call Edmontion and ask if they can issue me some sort of semi-bridging WP (closed, of course) for the period before I am provided with a proper WP or they'll take care of it themselves, I mean they'll prioritize these people whose WP`s are about to expire. any hints would be very helpful. thanks a lot.

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