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Self-Employed Updates June: 2018

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by nasar_peace, May 30, 2018.

  1. thank u so much nasser
  2. Thank you so much
  3. Can you tell me when you submitted your business plan? Is it the time when you first submit your materials or when you are requesting supplementary materials?
  4. and what kinds of document submitted to proof your self-employed before?

  5. what tthe document submitted to proof your self-employed before?
  6. Invoices, client reference letters, contracts, company registration, tax documents, images of your work (if applicable) etc... According to CIC the onus is on you to prove your experience.
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  7. Hi,

    For self-employed if someone is working as yoga instructor just 15 hours or less a week for 7 years and as a freelancer, does that count?
  8. If you can prove that you made earnings from it then I believe so

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