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Self-Employed Application 2018

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by leavingonajetplane2016, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. I've wondered about applying for express entry while waiting for an update from this application but I haven't found any definitive answer on simultaneous applications.

    Regarding test results, can't you just ask the center for another copy?
  2. Thanks for your reply! True, I thought it was more difficult to get a copy but looks like it's not as expensive or time-consuming as I thought.

    Another question, if you happen to know - do you have to show proof of funds when you send the self-employment application? Or can you wait until later in the process?

    I also find it strange that the CIC website links to the page about Express Entry when talking about funds needed for self-employment. So it's the same amount?
  3. No. You don't have to show proof of funds. Just fill in the section asking about how much money you have. There's a link in here to a detailed description of how to fill each section. The proof of funds will come up at the interview I believe.

    Not sure what you mean by strange but that's the info available for self employed category regarding how much money you should have.
  4. Thanks for your reply! By strange I just mean it seems like it would have its own category on the website, since listing it under EE makes me think I'm not looking at the right guidelines.

    Good to know about the POF. I was hoping to sell my house in order to get the funds required, but I can't tell from the CIC website whether or not there would be time to do that? It seems like that would not work, since CIC says:

    "The CIC officer will make a decision on your application based on:

    whether you meet the eligibility criteria for the program,
    whether you have the funds to support yourself and your family when you arrive in Canada,
    the results of your medical exam, and
    the information on your police certificate.
    I wonder if I would have enough time to get that in order, if we were to get accepted and asked for an interview?"

    Also, do most people get the police clearance in advance - in an effort to hopefully avoid delays - or is it better to wait until you get asked for it?
  5. Sorry for the delayed reply. Mine was by email. The only physical document I ever received was the visa
  6. Hello everybody,
    I have already got my PR though EE but I have a question regarding my brother. He is a prominent Sound Recordist for documentary movies back in my country and he scores around 80 in the self-employed stream. Do you believe a high score would significantly affect the processing time?
  7. Hello Everyone!

    I am applying under the Self-employed (Athlet) programme.I have scheduled the IELTS test and i am gathering all the required documents.

    What i was wondering about is which extra documents should i attach. On the online guide it doesn't seem to be required and I can't find any information about what kind of proof i should present and IF i have to provide a cover letter or not.

    What did you add in? Did anyone apply under the athlet category?

    Moreover, does anyone have any statistics about this programme? Which is the success rate for the applicants?

    Thank you very much!!
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  8. Quick update.

    I got my GCMS notes.
    Eligibility assessment "not started". (see picture)
    Very frustrating.
  9. Hello. My notes were exactly the same. Very upset and disheartened too. I’m a Quebec Entreprenuer catagory applicant.
  10. Update - Received AOR yesterday via email.

    I sent in my application in February. I also received another email to link my application online so my application can be processed faster, get instructions on any additional documents they require, receive messages online, etc, etc.

    I was prepared to wait like a year to even receive the AOR so I'm quite chuffed right now! :D
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  11. Uh oh....when did you receive the AOR again?
  12. congratulations man , im preparing my documents to apply please in the net worth section how did u filled it i mean lets say i have net worth 120000 dollars included my apartment , my business and account sohow much i supposed to put in total funds available for settelement in canada section giving that i dont want to sell my house .
  13. Hello Guys: I saw a update in gckey:
    Background check: Not applicable

    It means I will get MR soon,? it is already 23 month from AOR
  14. Hi Dear Friends,

    I got message, I should say silver message, in the beginning of May that I can access PRE-ARRIVAL service; then second message , 7th of May to submit PERMANENT RESIDENCE FEE along with POLICE CLEARANCE. I accomplished and submitted on 13th of May. But no Medical Request so far. Could anybody share his/her experience. Waiting for medical?
    Thanks a lot!
  15. Hey!
    I got it on March 13, 2017.

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