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Self-Employed Application 2018

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by leavingonajetplane2016, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. Congratulations
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  2. Congratulations!!
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    congratulations , did u give business plan?
  4. Congrats
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  5. Hi Everyone,
    Here to share my excitement: yesterday, exactly the date of my Birthday, I received the BEST GIFT EVER! CIC is requesting our passports for PR. On these few months that I am part of this group we have been sharing news, asking questions and supporting each other and to everyone out there, even when you are losing hope with the "waiting game", please don't - keep up and do your homework that you will be rewarded with this life-changing gift. Next step is to submit the passports and photos and hopefully having that returning back soon so I can start planning my family move up there. Thank you everyone, especially to leavingonajetplane2016 for starting this group.
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  6. congrats, could u share your time line and your noc?
  7. Mabrouk and you're welcome :)
    1. We received your application for permanent residence on December 29, 2017.
    2. We sent you correspondence acknowledging receipt of your application(s) on March 20, 2018.
    3. We started processing your application on March 20, 2018.
    4. We sent you medical instructions on December 3, 2018. To avoid delays, please provide us the information requested in the letter as soon as possible. Please consider delays in mail delivery before contacting us.
    5. Medical results have been received. (that info got updated on December 2018)
    6. Decision has been made - PPR Letter email arrived on May 14, 2019
    We applied from the US using a Canadian Lawyer Office in Toronto. The whole application process was done by Mail so some of the updates aren't the same as if was applied electronically. Now, I understand the additional costs for the Lawyer and took me almost 10 months since I started working with them until I submitted my package but having a professional helping you and reviewing every step was a great peace-of-mind. All the back-and-forth paid out - from the arrival of the process until PPR Letter took 16 1/2 months (without any surprises)

    NOC 5241 - Graphic Designer
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  8. thanks , what about bank loan do u think is it going to be a problem ?
  9. Gym,
    Hard to say... sorry.
  10. Hi guys! I am from Brazil but my case has been processing in Mexico...I just sent extra docs and says that probably my process will end in 14 months... I guess this processing time does not make any sense...I imagine they make a media between the processing time of all countries...does anybody know something? (I am not sure if my english is clear for you, I speak portuguese.... )
  11. What's your timeline like, when did you apply/get AOR?

    I'm surprised that they told you the length of the process.

  12. I applyed July 2018 and about the length, since a month ago there is a progress bar:

    Email from cic : "Your self-employed person (federal) application now has a progress bar, which shows the time elapsed since we received your application. The progress bar gives you an estimated completion date based on our latest processing times.

    The progress bar is available only if you have linked your application to your online account."
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  13. Thanks, simple calculation shows that your 14 mths is derived from current average waiting time shown on the CIC website (23 months) minus the time you already waited (9 months)

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