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Seeking help for My Parents

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by osamaobz, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. My sister is currently in Canada on 6 months work permit ( Till Aug ) which will be extended further. My brother in law posses a job in canada and my sister is expecting her delivery in late of October this year.
    So, I'm willing to send my mother in October to look after my sister.
    Is there any possibility that my mother can go to Canada to my sister ?
    Currently, my mother has a resident visa of UAE and she lives with my father in UAE.

    I'll be thankful for the responses.
  2. Do any one have the expertise to answer my query ?
  3. First, wanting to visit to take care of your sister/the newborn could likely result in a TRV refusal. It is generally considered as working illegally as a visitor.

    Second, your mom must apply for a TRV only after your sister has extended her WP, not before that.

    You can certainly send your mom to meet your sister. Approval for her visa would depend on the strong ties she has to the UAE/her home country + the purpose and length of her visit + her financial situation + her previous travel history
  4. Thankyou Bryanna.
    She is in UAE, So will she apply from UAE or go back to the country of residence (Pakistan) and then apply from there.
    Secondly, so we have to mention the length of study? Is it necessary ?
  5. UAE.

    She must demonstrate her strong ties to both UAE + Pakistan. She must also include evidence of her immigration status in the UAE.

    Yes. Do keep her visit to about one month max. If approved, the validity of her TRV could be until the expiry date of your sister's WP (I'm assuming you're the same poster who started this thread)
  6. That means we have to apply through paper based (vfs) from Dubai not online. Isn't it? I think the processing times will be same in both the cases. Or if we apply through vfs paper based from Dubai; it will Increases the chances of getting he visa? Need some clarification.
    And Yes, she holds the residency visa and my father has a very good bank statement here in UAE. I'll include all the docs and also a property evaluation report of my mother's home in Pakistan

    My mother's sister is also in canada and she is a citizen. I suppose that instead of putting the case of look after of her daughter; we can put the case of visiting her sister. The case will be stronger in this way rather than going on my sister delivery or we can club both together in the case.
    What would you recommend? What will be better?
  7. It's your personal preference. You can apply online if you prefer.


    Approvals depend on the documents and evidence. Not on the mode of visa submission.


    Your mom's sister can invite her + provide her documents. Again, mentioning about taking care of your sister and her baby can have an adverse impact.

    Purpose of visit: To meet both your mom's sister + your sister. Your mom must prepare a detailed day-by-day plan for her visit with expense estimates for sightseeing/meeting family and friends/activities, etc

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