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Discussion in 'International Students' started by VaishOptimistic, Jul 5, 2019.

  1. I have submitted my biometrics on June 4th but still waiting for visa...... Is there anyone who has applied sds online and waiting for more than 30 days after biometrics submission like me?
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  2. I applied on 22nd May
    Biometrics on 24th
    Still waiting..
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  3. Is it sds online bruh?? And also have u submitted web form

    Dude in ur case it's almost 40+ days..... I don't understand why so much time
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  4. R u from India.... Have u got any updates like medicals cleared... Eligibility review or background verification updates
  5. I applied online sds with an upfront medical on 9th may.
    No updates since biometrics collection letter
    I sent a webform and got a reply saying all documents have reached the visa office and it's being processed
    Will get a reply once a decision is made..
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  6. Yes I applied from Mumbai
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  7. According to website processing time is 20 days and I and u r waiting for more than 30 days.... Hopefully we will get positive updates... If u receive passport request let me know bruh
  8. Yes
    I'm guessing it's because of the load right now
    But it's just a guessing game..
    Under a lot of stress because every other thing is on hold till visa hasn't arrived
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  9. I have applied on 27may,biometrics 6th june, 13june medical passed ,than my application number is changed dont know reason behind that, no reply since than.waiting is really stressful.

  10. I met many guyz in this thread.... I saw many people getting visa when they reached 30-35 days of waiting time after biometrics....Let's see what happens..... Fingers crossed
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  11. Yes I understand Bruh.... Try submitting webform if it can help u overcome stress and to speed up the process
  12. 43rd day of mine sds online
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  13. How come so late, I am also much worried..... Did u submit webform and did u get any reply

    Also have u got ur medicals cleared
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  14. i applied on 17th may medical passed 27th may after that nothing, 50th day now
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  15. 50th day today
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