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Discussion in 'Education' started by Robin shumba, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. Anyone who can link me for a fully funded masters scholarship

    am a holder of an honors degree in banking and finance

    Thank you
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    As I understand it Scholarships if any generally only go to citizens or permenant residents.
  3. I am a foreign student drom Cameroon, i am bilingual in French and English, i am a holder of a first class degree in educational psychology with a GPA of 3.66 and actually Reading a masters 1 in clinical psychology but really wish to know i can bé elligible for a scholarship in Canada.... My family is not financially viable to assit me.. how are we going to go about it??
  4. Scholarships in Canada are generally reserved for Canadians unless you are at the top of your field and doing a Masters or PhD. You will need to research that yourself.
  5. I have a family over there, dont know if you Can help me out locate a good school whkch Can grant me admission and what are the procédures i have to follow and th dovudocum i will need to submit. Though i would have loved to vave one. Thanks dearly
  6. You will need to do the research yourself.
  7. IAM from sudan surffering conflict of racism in DARFUR I got diploma in engineering survey looking for scholarship full fund and except circumstances

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