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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by besbi07, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. no, it doesn't matter.
  2. Which intake did you apply? This was probably in 2017 and you only got the nomination recently? If at that time of intake 0124 was in the list, then you are safe. They would not have nominated you if you were not eligible for that particular intake. I have the same NOC.
  3. @Ashudin Thanks for all your help.
    Need some suggestion now from you. By God grace I got my PPR ., but confuse where to settle in Saskatoon or Regina which is a better city for job , Child education etc.
    PLease guide me so that I can book my ticket acordingly
  4. Congrats, could you share your timeline? Your visa office is Sydney or Ndvo? Thanks
  5. my VO is NDVO
    AR 2- 3 - 2018
    AOR 23- 03- 2018
    MR 08-04-2019
    DM - 22-04-2019
    PPR - 25 - 04- 2019
  6. Dear All,

    I am planning to put up my file with NOC 0124. Kindly let me know how is the demand for this code.

    Im in to Sales and would like to know whether this code is really in demand currently.

    Kindly suggest.

  7. Dear,

    NOC 0124 SINP PNP OID has been removed, you would need to go with Express entry only
  8. Related NOC 1123 is in Nova Scotia demand list.
    It is also an EE based without job offer category

  9. Thanks for your prompt reply.

    I didnt understand by what you meant by removed. Does that mean this code is not been used in the PNP program or what exactly does it mean?

    Kindly help me.

  10. H
    Hi may i know what did you do after this
  11. Dear All!

    I have a CRS of 427 and i'm into Sales. I'v just uploaded my file on EE and would like to know your advice on the next steps to be taken. As i understand that my score is less for a direct invite what should be my next steps for a PNP.

    Kindly request your genuine advice.

  12. Try for these PNPs

  13. Hi,
    Please let me know what was your NOC and how much time it took for the 2nd review?
  14. What Aden the requirements for sinp? One of them is medium wage but I don't make medium wage in a daycare
    Does it matter?
  15. Would you please add me in whatsappgroup?

    I have submitted my application in OID JAN 2018
    My no. Is 00201006807655

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