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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by besbi07, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. Hi.
    I just recieved my visa last month, and it expire on july but until now i havent recieved confirmation to my employer..is it possible i can enter canada without employer confirmation? Our application is permanent resident under provincial nominee program.Havesomeone same at my case..hope to hear answer.
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  2. Which category?
    I didn't know about employer when i came Canada.
  3. Under provincial nominee
  4. Hi Guys,

    I have applied SINP on October 2017 and rejected on March 2018 due to NOC mismatch. Now, I want to apply again but I cannot edit my existing OASIS account neither I cannot open a new one with existing passport number. So, in this case what should I do? Please advise. Thanks
  5. Try to create with new Login ID and Password. Passport number is not necessary for opening an Oasis account.
  6. No
  7. Hi All,

    Am interested for for 65 SINP and have few queries, Could anyone kindly guide me?

    a. my SINP points for NOC 2174 is 65. Any chances of getting ITA? Did anyone get ITA for NOC 2173 previously with this point range?
    b. Do I need to start with CISP license now? Or should I wait for ITA?
    c. Are PPF, VPF and 5 year FDs (from co-operative bank) considered for proof of funds?

  8. Dear All

    SNIP experience allowed if 6 months in one organization and another 6 months in current organization ? The total 12 months experience. Is it valid like 1 year experience?
  9. Yes
  10. Thanks and all the best
  11. same here!
    awaiting for file number.
  12. You are replying 2 years old post.
  13. It is very difficult to get job offer for outland applicants.

  14. Dear Friends,

    I have received my nomination on 13th March 2019. with the NOC 0124 and I have submitted my PR file recently.

    As I can see this NOC 0124 not in the Occupation demand list since Feb 2018.

    Does it will affect to MY PR file at all ?


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