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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by KAVI KUMAR, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. Could you please put some light on the time taken by Saskatchewan State immigration department to final a candidate for nomination to live there as already it is more than two months since I filed by application on 1st Jan,2018 but it is showing status as "Application Received" till date. If anyone got any update/response from the Saskatchewan state for next step.
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    Jan. 2016 SINP OID applicant. Got nominated on 1 June 2016.
    Yesterday I got Passport Request.
    Within 20 days I will get Visa.
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  3. Thanks Ashu for your timely reply. That means I can expect my turn within this month.
  4. Thanks for such useful information bro. I am chaitanya form Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India. I have got Confirmation of Nomination in January 2017 under SINP OID. I have paid PR application fees in April 2017. Now, till today, i have not got any updates. So, can u guide me, that how much time now it will take for further process? Hope for your reply. Thanks....
  5. Min. 16 months from PR Application submission date YOU CAN get PR.
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  6. ok bhai......thanks a lot......and good luck for your new journey......:)
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  7. Hi Ashu,
    I am from Gujarat, India.
    Please find timeline as per below for my application through SINP

    NOC : 2281 - Computer Network Technicians

    File Received to CIC – Sydney : 24-Oct-2016
    File transfer to NDVO : 9-Jan-2017
    Medical Request : 06-Jun-2017
    Medical Passed : 13-Jun-2017
    Background Check Started : 27-Feb-2018
    Invitation for Pre-Arrival Services by IRCC : 28-Feb-2018
    Decision Made : 1-Mar-2018

    Nothing showing on GCKey account.

    can you suggest by when I will get passport request ?!

  8. Now no update will be in gckey.
    You will get ppr email from ndvo within 2 days.
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  9. Has anyone got nomination by Saskatchewan in the July 2017 intake occupation in demand category? My husband is the main applicant noc 0124.
  10. [Each application is reviewed on a case by case basis. This means each stage of processing may require different amounts of time for different applications. If there are any issues with your file, an officer will contact you or request additional information. Applications cannot be compared as each one is assessed separately.
  11. Hi Ashu,

    As you told, got passport request on 7th.

    Submitted passports at VFS Ahmedabad.

    how much time they take to stamp & return back passports ?!
  12. You will get Visa Numbers in Gckey by Tuesday. You can book tickets using that.
    Passports will be found later.
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  13. 13 months for me from point of applying for SINP -> SINP nomination -> ITA -> PPR. (Outland)
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  14. hi all,
    my crs score is 393. planning to apply SINP. have seen in sinp website regarding getting certification for work experience. can someone throw some light on it as i am completely new to this process
  15. Your NOC Pls?

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