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Saskatchewan PNP 2017 Updated Preparation

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by sinp Kathmandu, Dec 22, 2016.

  1. Are you planning to apply in 2017??welcome in the thread.
    Ask your confusion and share your experience here.
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  2. Thanks for opening this thread..

    I have a question:

    In order to show pof, my father is going to give me gift deed. He has his personal savings in form of assets, fixed deposits and various investments.
    Can he take loan in case he does not want to break his fixed deposits and gift me?

  3. Hello,

    Could you please let us know, which type of documents we need to prepare before applying SNIP. Secondly, what about POF, my father transferred money in my account in last week so can I apply In next intake if it's open in Jan'17
  4. Hello,

    Can anyone throw light on how is the job market in Saskatchewan province for IT professionals (.NET developers to be specific)?


  5. Dear Ravi,

    Please follow the thread provided in the link below for the clear view
    of the required Fund.Please let us know if you got further queries.stay

  6. Dear Rdm,

    Please follow the link for the detail documents needed.Let us know if you need further help.good luck

  7. Dear Broom,

    I believe the link below would help your query.Thanks

  8. I am working as a Team Leader in a IT related MNC in India. As Only NOC 2171 is available in SINP program. I applied in july 2016 but then Visa manager rejected my case and said my duties fall in NOC 2174 which is presently not available in SINP.

    Now I was thinking to request my employer to add 2-3 more points related to NOC 2171 to apply in future.
    Now you suggest DO SINP official arise question that why i changed my duties now ?
    Except this, after my refusal i emailed to HRSDC to know my NOC. they said I can apply in NOC 2171 with these job duties.
    I was thinking to attach that email with my experience letter while applying next time


    I should do some changes in my experience letter as I earlier ?
  9. you should just prepare your experience letters with respect to 2171 NOC duties , try to add more points to you existing exp letter so that you can use this experience letter for multiple NOC
  10. I just want to know that will SINP officials will raise questions over this that why I made changes in my experince right now ?
    Do they consider this new experience letter with some changes or they will say that it is mismatching with your previous shown experince
  11. No they will not raise this issue
  12. I am not able to create an application by logging into their portal. I followed instructions mentioned in below link. Any guidance appreciated?

  13. What issue r u facing..

    I was able to apply..
    Please click on " SINP Apply Online". It will lead to login creation page
  14. I,m Rakesh, Senior Software Engineer. I'm SME in Performance Testing, added skill set is Automation and Functional Testing.

    My Designations in last 3 companies are as follows
    - Systems Engineer
    - Consultant
    - Senior Software Engineer

    What will be my NOC code. I have a strong confusion between these 2173/2283/2171.

    Even i wrote a mail to noc@workingincanada.gc.ca, listing all my duties. Waiting for there reply.

    looking out for a reply, with convincing answer.

    Thanks in advance.
  15. have you sen any case like before. When person got positive results after making some of the changes in his experince

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