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Sample Invitation Letter

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Rossei, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. CIC Link: Guideline for Letter of Invitation

    Sample Letter - 1

    This is a sample invitation letter (affidavit format, notarized by lawyer) intended to invite in-laws to visit Canada. We used it in Dec, 2014 for my in-laws and they got multi-entry TRV (they had single-entry visa before).



    We, XXX and YYY, of the City of ZZZ, in the Province of Ontario, make oath and say as follows:

    1. We are lawful permanent residents of Canada.

    2. Attached as Exhibit "A" to this Declaration is a true copy of the permanent resident card of XXX and attached as Exhibit "B" to this Declaration is a copy of the permanent resident card of YYY.

    3. We currently reside at 1234 Street, ZZZ, Ontario A0A 0A0, Canada.

    4. I, XXX, am a medical doctor from Bangladesh. I intend to take the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examinations in the near future.

    5. I, YYY, am currently employed full-time as an Engineer at COMPANY NAME, an Ontario Crown Corporation. My annual salary is $00,000.00.

    6. We are inviting AAA and BBB who currently reside at FULL ADDRESS, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

    7. AAA and BBB (hereinafter "parents") are the parents of XXX and the father-in-law and mother-in-law of YYY.

    8. AAA was born on DATE, YEAR. His passport number is AA0000000.

    9. BBB was born on DATE, YEAR. His passport number is BB0000000.

    10. We want to invite our parents AAA and BBB to visit us in Canada for four weeks from DATE, YEAR to DATE, YEAR during the delivery of our first child. The child is due on DATE, YEAR.

    11. We hereby undertake to bear all expenses, including room and board, medical, dental, clothing, travel etc. which may be required, during our parents' stay in Canada on visitor's visas, from the time of their arrival to the time of their departure.

    12. We further undertake to receive our parents at the port of entry in Canada.

    13. We further undertake to send our parents back before the expiry of the visitor's visas.

    14. We have sufficient funds to bear the aforementioned expenses as undertaken herein.

    15. We make this Declaration in support of applications for the issuance of Temporary Resident Visa and other documents for travel to Canada.

    16. We make this Declaration for no improper purpose.

    ______(Signature of XXX)______

    ______(Signature of YYY)______

    Sworn before me by the above-named declarants at the City of ZZZ, In the Province of Ontario, this ______ day of MONTH, YEAR.

    ______(Signature of Lawyer)______
    Commissioner For Taking Affidavits​

    (Notarize seal by the lawyer)

    This is Exhibit "A" referred to in the Declaration of XXX sworn before me DATE.

    (Copy of XXX's PR card goes here)

    This is Exhibit "B" referred to in the Declaration of YYY sworn before me DATE.

    (Copy of YYY's PR card goes here)

    Disclaimer: This letter is meant for educational purpose only. Please, do not just copy. I don't take any responsibility if this doesn't work in your favour.
  2. Sample Letter - 2A

    Here is the another invitation letter (letter format, prepared by me, notarized by lawyer) that I made for my mom in order to invite her on Super Visa back in 2012. This letter was backed up by another one (posted below as '2B'). I posted this letter before here; but thought to collect all letters under one topic. My mom was rejected for TRV twice before this application, but eventually got this Super Visa.

    My Address


    Invitation for My Mother Mrs. XXX
    to Visit My Family in Canada

    Dear Ammi (Mom),

    As the government of Canada introduced the new “Parent and Grandparent Super Visa” with an honest purpose of reuniting parents with their children for a longer period of time, I, YYY, would like to take this opportunity to invite you Mrs. XXX to visit my family in Canada temporarily for 8 months.

    As you know, I've been working permanently as a JOB POSITION since DATE/YEAR for COMPANY NAME, a crown corporation of the province of Ontario in Canada.

    I want to bring back the memory when your sheer enthusiasm brought me to Canada in DATE/YEAR in order to study Electrical Engineering at UNIVERSITY NAME. Since the unforeseen demise of my father ZZZ (Ex-Marine Engineer and former co-owner of COMPANY NAME) in YEAR, you continued to support me both mentally and financially so that I could complete my bachelors' degree without any further hindrance. Having a mother like you while growing up was the greatest gift and biggest advantage anyone could ever have given me. You have been my teacher, moral support and inspiration throughout the career and being the only son, I want to thank you today for shaping me into a person who I am proud to be. As you never made it here to see my convocation; I want to show you our home that we recently purchased in CITY, my university in CITY, famous Niagara Falls, Thousand Islands at Kingston, capital city of Ottawa and other beautiful places around.

    I would like to mention here that both my wife and I have become permanent residents of Canada last year. My wife WWW, who is a certified MBBS doctor from COUNTRY, is currently seeking medical licensure in Canada. We neither have any kids nor have any other dependents living with us.

    I want to emphasize that I am completely capable of bearing all our (my wife, my mother and myself) cost during your stay in Canada. My current salary is $AA,AAA/year which is well over the LICO limit. Moreover, I have also been saving some funds (approximately $BB,BBB) from my income. In addition to that, I have already bought Canadian medical insurance of $100,000 coverage for 1 year that covers your stable pre-existing conditions so that you never become a liability to the Government of Canada.

    As you always discussed your intention not to live with me permanently in Canada rather to visit me on temporary basis; Super Visa would be a great consideration for you. I'm proud of you my mother when you are still independent and working full-time as a JOB POSITION at COMPANY NAME in COUNTRY. I know of you very well that you will never leave your home which is filled with my father's memory, the city where he was buried and your dear siblings who live nearby. Here, I promise to bear all your expenses during your visit in Canada. I can assure that you won't be charged in any way or form by the Government of Canada during your visit here. I'm really looking forward to having you here so that we, all together, can have a splendid time in this summer.

    I would, therefore, sincerely hope that your application for Canadian Super Visa is granted. I have attached the necessary documents with this application and given our details below. Should you require any further information, please feel free to contact me.

    Yours affectionately,


    Here are my (inviter) particulars:

    Name: YYY
    Passport No:
    Date of Birth:
    Nationality: Bangladeshi
    Home Address:
    Head Office Address:
    Field Office Address:
    Contact No:
    Immigration Status: Permanent Resident of Canada (effective from DATE/YEAR)
    Family Unit: 3 in Total
    (Son: YYY, Wife: WWW, Mother: XXX)
    Wife's Info: WWW
    DATE/YEAR (Date of Birth)
    Permanent Resident of Canada (effective from DATE/YEAR)

    Here are particulars of my mother (invitee):

    Name: XXX
    Relationship with Me: Mother
    Passport No:
    Date of Birth:
    Nationality: Bangladeshi
    Home Address:
    Office Address:
    Contact No:
    Purpose of the Trip: Visit her son and daughter-in-law
    Intended Duration of Visit: From DATE/YEAR to DATE/YEAR (8 months)
    Intended Date of Leave: DATE/YEAR

    Disclaimer: This letter is meant for educational purpose only. Please, do not just copy. I don't take any responsibility if this doesn't work in your favour.
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  3. Sample Letter - 2B

    This is a second letter that accompanied the first one (mentioned above '2A') to invite my mom on Super Visa. This was posted before as well here.

    (For My Mother Mrs. XXX)

    I, YYY, Date of Birth: DD-MMM-YYYY, married to WWW, Date of Birth: DD-MMM-YYYY, residing at FULL ADDRESS, Phone: NUMBER, after having been duly sworn to in accordance with law, do hereby depose and say:

    THAT I am a Permanent Resident of Canada; my current occupation is JOB POSITION at COMPANY NAME since DATE/YEAR; my current annual salary is $AA,AAA CAD; presently rotating in our COMPANY NAME head office at HEAD OFFICE ADDRESS although my primary work location is at FIELD OFFICE ADDRESS.

    THAT my wife WWW, Date of Birth: DD-MMM-YYYY, Permanent Resident of Canada; is a certified MBBS doctor from Bangladesh who is going through the medical licensure procedure in Canada at present;

    THAT I am the only son of MRS. XXX, Date of Birth: DD-MMM-YYYY, Citizen of Bangladesh, owning this property and residing at ADDRESS IN BANGLADESH, Phone: NUMBER;

    THAT I am inviting my mother to visit me and my wife in Canada for 8 months or any duration that is permitted starting from DATE/YEAR under SUPER VISA FOR PARENTS AND GRANDPARENTS category;

    THAT I am responsible in providing her accommodation, living expenses, health insurance, transportation, return air ticket and any emergency cost that may incur during her temporary stay in Canada;

    THAT I guarantee she shall not become public charge or liability in Canada and shall depart Canada on or before the day the authorized temporary residency ends;

    THAT I am executing this affidavit for all legal intents and purposes in compliance with the requirements of the authorities concerned;

    IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set our hand this _______ day of __________, in the year of ____________ at Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


    Disclaimer: This letter is meant for educational purpose only. Please, do not just copy. I don't take any responsibility if this doesn't work in your favour.
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  4. Thank you for you help!
  5. Hi Rossei,

    Thanks for the samples. I have a question for you. I applied for PGP for my MIL in January 2015. Now we want to invite her on super visa for a temporary visit (she doesn't want to stay here waiting for a PGP as she is working in her home country). Do you think I should mention PGP application in the invitation and specifically say that I apply for super visa because PGP processing is long and I want to take advantage of super visa? I know I can't hide PGP, but do you think mentioning it in the context of long processing time is a good idea? How would you explain and prove dual intent in general and temporary intent for super visa? I would appreciate your opinion. Thank you.
  6. Hi Rossie,

    My mom was rejected visitor visa once and I am going to apply for her supervisa this month. In IMM5257E form, there is a question that says:

    Have you ever been refused a visa or permit, denied entry or ordered to leave Canada or any other country?

    should I answer YES here? Please assist.

  8. You should answer 'Yes' here and provide details in the box underneath. I did it as well since my mom was rejected twice before she finally got the Super Visa.

    Here's what I (my mom) wrote in explanation to give you an idea:
    I applied for TRV(Visitor) twice before and the last one was in 2010 to attend my only son's convocation held at University Name. My applications were rejected for not having enough family ties.
  9. Hey,
    I know you from 2015 PGP thread. I actually can remember all of the names from my spreadsheet :eek:

    I think you should mention that you applied for PGP. One way or the other, they will find it as you said. So, better clarify it. You can also add that the processing time is very long according to CIC and hence your MIL wants to visit meanwhile. I recommend you to give a good reason for your MIL to visit Canada (example: to see grand kids etc.).

    Since your MIL has a job, that's pretty strong tie to home country. I applied for my wife's TRV way back in 2010 while I applied for PNP (PR processing didn't start yet). But she didn't succeed. But spouse case is always harder. You just have to put in words re: dual intent. Something like your MIL would never take a chance to violate any immigration rule by staying more than what's she granted to which may jeopardize her PR application later. I can't say that it would work but no harm in trying. At least, visa rejection doesn't have any negative impact on PR application.

    Good luck!
  10. Many many thanks to you Rossei. There is another question: have you previously applied to enter or remain in Canada? should I answer this question also YES?


  11. Thank you Rossei, I got the answer from other thread...
  12. Happy to help.

    BTW, keep hitting +1 for me. 8)
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  13. Hi Rossie,

    the declaration letter is the same as invitation letter, coz its not addressed to the visa officer.
    or i need to write a separate invitation letter accompanied with the declaration letter..
    please advise.

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