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RTD application and notice of seizure

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by Skyline2019, May 15, 2019.

  1. hello,
    Ineed to ask how can i get my notice of seizure for my country passport which i have to submit fpr rtd application Cbsa gave me a stamped copy but i have lost it. I have contacted cbsa but they didnt had any information
  2. Your question and situation is not clear.
    Please try to post your question with some details to get answers
  3. Iam applying for RTD and with that i hv to submit the notice of seizure fir my country passport.. but that notice was lost in my luggage few months back.. so i am asking from where i can get that notice in order to submit it along my rtd application???
  4. You should contact to case officer where you filed your case at IRCC
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  5. Ok il do that thanx alot
  6. in my case i lost my signed country passport copy as well, and i emailed my lawyer who sent me a new one. so if you had a lawyer he should have one as well..

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  7. So notice of seizure of passport is a stamped copy given by IRCC?
  8. I applied for RTD for myself and 5 other family members, and none of us included the notice of seizure because we lost it too. We all were able to get the passports with no problems. Good luck

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