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Restore worker status

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by aaawiki, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. Hi:

    I need some advice here.

    I applied for BOWP(Bridge Open Work permit) in June 2018.Because i didn't attach my Provincial Nomination Letter, the work permit application was refused. My PGWP expired in October and lost my status. So i stopped working immediately.

    After this happened, i find a Lawyer and i was advised to restore my status and apply a new work permit under LMIA exemption Code T13.

    My employer provide me a offer of employment and he paid for Compliance fee which is $230. I also received a support letter from Provincial Government to stated that i was nominated since my initial PNP letter was expired.

    I applied for my PR application in January 2018. My PR application was received by CIC in February and CIC sent me a acknowledgement of receipt email in March 2018. My medical test has passed in July 2018.

    I am really frustrated right now. I do not know if i am doing it right because this is my only chance. Please share with me if you applied for restoration status before,

    I will keep update this.

  2. hi,

    I am in the same boat dude. I got my sinp nomination and applied for my PR. the moment I got AOR I applied to extend my work permit (from PGWP to closed). I made a mistake, didn't attach the compliance fee/number which I was sure of I didn't need. when I realized I made a mistake I tried to get it from my HR and attach it to my application. sadly, the HR guy wasted two weeks and in the meantime I got a refusal (he still aint done what he was supposed to do). so when I got the refusal I did sam as you did - I just stopped working. it is really frustrating as from a guy who had a full time job, paid his taxes and applied for a PR I turned into a semi-legal foreigner with no job, no health insurance who is going to pay again. from what I have been told - I need to get my LMIA exempt certificate asap and try my luck at the border. still, I don t know whether it will work or not. the sad thing is the processing time is so long - most likely I need to get back to my country and stay until I hear from IC again. I can't picture myself staying here in canada for another 3 months with no job, no insurance and so on. I don't want to blather about how bad it is but it seems my sinp nomination will be cancelled. it all pisses me off. I feel like a criminal.....
  3. Did you try to call cic about the Processing time? I think it varies from 1 to 4 months. I do not want to do a flagpole at the border because it is too risky. I think you should stay in Canada until the final decision is made. Wish you best of luck.
  4. Did you get the support letter from your province and offer of employment from your employer?

    I think these documents are important as well.
  5. hi, I am from Europe so I don't need a visitor visa. to be honest with you dude, I feel like taking the risk. I talked to the cic guy and the restoration process takes as long as applying for an extension. he actually advised me I might try my luck at the border. my reasoning is - if I don't get it at the border and they don't deport me (hell!!) I can still get back to my place, apply and fly home. btw, did you already apply for the restoration? did you do it online, huh?
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  6. yes, I got all the required docs except this effin LMIA which I am still lacking.
  7. I filed my restoration status and my lawyer is going to submit the application.

    I think she is going to do it online, which has shorter processing time.

    For LMIA exemption, i think you need ask your employer to pay it first and get the six digits code.

    I do not know if i am doing the right way.

    Since you are out of status, i do not know what will happen at the border. I hope everything will be fine.
  8. For LMIA exemption, i think you need ask your employer to pay it first and get the six digits code.

    this is where the crux of the problem is. too lazy to do it, a real jagoff interested in his pay check only. my nomination letter expires in 3 weeks so I might have anther problem to think of. anyhow, good luck. take care
  9. Yea i know. i feel your pain.

    My employer has paid the fee and he received a code after.

    I think you should consult a lawyer before doing anything.
  10. oh no, no way. I have already spent too much money in this effin country. don't feel like paying 1500 or so. heck it. sink or swim as they say
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  11. tell me one thing if u don't mind. when you stopped working, did the employer fire you? if so, on what grounds? can one be employed (hired) with no work permit btw? will this affect your PR? thanks
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  12. Are you eastern Europe? Like Poland? XD

    Yeah i also spent too much money and time in Canada. This is really makes me depressed.
  13. yup
  14. No i am just on leave right now. People can not work without any work permit. It is illegal. Unless for certain special jobs. You have to check the information at CIC website.
  15. ok, you cannot work, but can you be employed/hired?

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