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Request new photographs for PR Card after landing - add your case here

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by moksheeth7397, Oct 24, 2015.

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    Hi, for photos on landing, do we have to write down the name and DOB of applicant on the back of the one photo that has the name and address of photo studio? I see two links online, one says write the name and DOB along with photo studio address and name for the PR card application and the other does not mention anything about the name and DOB only asks for photo studio info. Thanks

  2. Hi,

    They usually don't ask you for photos on landing. They use the ones from COPR. However, carry 2 photos just in case.
    you need to write your name, DOB,and address of photo studio.
  3. Landed on Feb 20th.
    New photo request on March 19th.
    Photos sent with express post March 20th.
    Received in Sydney on March 22nd.
    Application approved and card mailed on March 22nd.
    PR card received in Toronto on March 27th.... with my first "rejected" pictures... I really don't know what happened there :/
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  4. Landed on: Feb - 13
    New Photo request: March 16
    New Photo confirmed deliver: March 20
    Application approved and PR card issued: March 25
    PR received in the mail: March 29th
  5. Got request for new photos on Friday afternoon. The luck I’m having. The photos I provided were taken only two weeks ago too.
  6. Hi everyone,

    I hope someone could help me with this.

    I got a request for new photos ten days ago which I have responded and the photos were delivery a week ago. However, I received another email requesting new photos today. Is this because my newly sent photos also failed the specifications or is it something related to the first request? Should I ignore it since I have already sent two photos or should I send two more photos?

    Thank you.
  7. Hello everyone,

    Guys need some help,
    Landed on Feb 5 and was waiting for Pr card.
    Today I just got a request letter to send new photos which is fine
    But they also requested to send copr copy and passport bio page copy.

    Why are they asking for copr and passport copy, they should have the one from the landing officer right?
  8. Hi all,

    my PR was approved and got COPR after landing.
    they asked for new photos
    i resubmitted photos on may 8th 2019.
    i checked ecas and all i see is my name, my home address and my mailing address. i do not see any status link although it say " If you want to see the details of an application, click on the underlined status. " there is no link

    how do i check the status and when can i expect to get my PR card
    what is ghost update ?
  9. Hi I am really worried I am a primary applicant and have received the Pr card but my husband has got photo request we got to know this from the agent on 29th may 2019 but we have not received any letter for the same.
    The agent told us that the letter is send on 28th April 2019. But we have not received it. We send the photo on 29th may itself. I m worried now what will be the outcome of this.

  10. Hello!

    On my photo retake letter, I was asked to provide an address, but I had already provided an address at the immigration when I landed. Any thoughts?
  11. Finally I got my pr card and finalize this journey.
    June 8: Landed at Thousand Islands bridge, ON
    June 8: (Linked PR card application to myGCKey)
    June 19: Received notice requires retaking my photo.
    June 19: Retook photos and sent to Sydney, NS.
    June 24: photos Delivered.
    June 27: PR card issued (Known from my cic account).
    July 3: Received.
  12. If the letter you received already have your address information. You dont need to provide your address, I think. BTW, I did not provide.
  13. Hi! On the photo resubmission letter, there was no address. Even though I had provided the address at the immigration when I landed.
  14. Thats strange. Because the photo request letter I received contains my address. In your case, you probably should provide your address again.
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  15. Hi, how did you know that the photos were received. Is it by calling up the ircc or is there any other way?
    If calling up the ircc is the only option, can someone please let me know what are the exact options to use.

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