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Renewal of expired or card

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by 123brs, Sep 3, 2019.

  1. Dear all, my husband got PR of Canada in 2012,it was a family PR but after staying there just for six months we came back to India due to sudden death of his mother and then to take care of his father who was a cancer patient we have not gone to Canada.Our PR expired in July 2017.At that time, my daughter was minor but now she wants to go Canada for her higher studies Now she is studying in class 12th. I want to know whether she can get her expired PR renewed.She is 17 years old currently.Please reply ​
  2. To try to save her PR status, your daughter would need to apply for a PR Travel Document with H&C consideration based on the fact she was removed from Canada as a minor. However her chances of the PRTD being approved are on the low end based on recent trends. IRCC has recently been refusing these applications if the family never really established themselves in Canada before leaving. Since you were only in Canada for six months before you left, there's a high chance IRCC will say your family was never established here and refuse the PRTD for this reason. However she can certainly try applying and hope for the best. If the PRTD is refused, her PR status will be officially revoked and she will then need to apply for a study permit to come to Canada to study (and pay international student fees).
  3. Thanks Scylla for giving valuable information I also want to know I can apply PRTD from India on my daughters behalf please guide me the process for applying PRTD. It is possible that I can apply myself or should take help from immigration consultants

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