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Refused TRV. Read my case please

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Jiggyvee, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. I am originally from Philippines and currently working here in Dubai UAE since september 2017.
    I applied for a TRV to go and visit my Fiance on october 15, 2018 and received a refusal letter last november 6, 2018. I am applying because she's not able to leave Canada beacuase of study purposes and i havent seen her for more that 2 years now, I have my invitation from my fiance's mother, proof of their residency, their passport copy, no objection letter from my company, bank statement, my work contract, pictures of us together back in the philippines, cover letters. I already asked some and they're telling that it's a weak proof that i am coming back here in Dubai UAE, and my employer is willing to write a letter to guarantee that i am coming back.

    One more thing it mentioned on the refusal letter the "Travel History", "i dont have sufficient funds"

    Now i am planning to re-apply, can anyone tell me what else documents can i submit to get my application more stronger, and ties that i am coming back here in Dubai

    Thankyou in advance
  2. Unfortunately your profile is quite weak. It's going to be difficult to get an approval no matter what evidence you provide. The fact you have a fiance in Canada makes IRCC concerned that you have plans to come here, marry and remain long term. Unfortunately it further weakens your application that you are living outside of your home country and in a country where you only have temporary residency.

    If you want to reapply, you should focus on providing evidence that shows you strong ties to Dubai. It sounds like you didn't show enough funds last time - so that's something you want to improve this time. These funds needs to be yours rather than your fiance's or your fiance's mother's. If you own property in Dubai - you should include proof of this.

    There's probably not much you can do about the travel history refusal reason. For travel history, IRCC is looking for trips to countries requiring visas such as the US and UK.

    Your employer cannot guarantee that you will return. There is no point including such a letter - it has no value.
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  3. Thankyou for this, this helps a lot. I guess this is not the right time to apply for TRV, i probably earn more and study the steps for re-applying.

    Follow up question:
    Do you think countries in southeast asia that im planning to visit will add a point to my travel history, or only for the countries that requiring visas that you've just mentioned?

    Does properties can also give advantage if ever i re-apply in the future?
  4. No - the countries in southeast Asia won't help. Again, they're looking for countries like the US and UK.
    Yes - owning property can be show as a tie and can help your application.
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  5. which documents did you submit ?
  6. I submitted my work contract, NOC, bank statement, invitation, copy of their passports, proof of residency, pictures, and my personal letter to the VO
  7. describe your Job ?
    your monthly income ?
    any short trip to the UK,US,EU,AU or NZ ?
  8. I am working as a Falconer in a Bird control company for more than a year now, and receiving 4,250aed($1,165) monthly. No i haven't visit any of those yet.
    I have only Hongkong and Oman.
  9. Though. these countries wouldn't count in Travel history.
    Your per month earning also quite low .
  10. Do you think Armenia, Georgia, Turkey would count?

    How about properties? land and car.
  11. These countries are free of visa Qatar or UAE residence holders.
  12. House or any other property on your name will help

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