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Refusal PR for PNP(manitoba)

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by kalash93, Dec 10, 2018.

  1. My case is refused at PR stage, find the reason , and suggest me what should I do....
    back ground:-:)
    (" My 3 sisters and 1 brother lives in Ontario, whereas 1 younger brother who sponsor me" lives in Winnipeg - How and what i do to justify - that I will live and stay in Winnipeg and shall not move to Ontario"
    my younger brother has bough house in Winnipeg and i Intend to live with him.
    I have done Masters in IT from good university from India. and rich opportunities of my job trade in Winnipeg.)

    What should I do after refusal?

    Refusal Letter:-:mad::confused::eek::oops:o_O
    "I have now completed the assessment of your application for a permanent resident visa as a
    member of the provincial nominee class. I have determined that you do not meet the
    requirements for immigration to Canada in this class.
    Pursuant to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations, 2002, applicants in the
    provincial nominee class are assessed on the basis of the requirements set out in subsection
    87(2), which states that a foreign national is a member of the provincial nominee class if
    (a) Subject to subsection (5), they are named in a nomination certificate issued by the
    government of a province under a provincial nomination agreement between the
    province and the Minister; and
    (b) They intend to reside in the province that has nominated them.
    I am not satisfied that you meet the second part of these requirements.
    Subsection 87(3) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations states that if the fact
    that the foreign national is named in a certificate referred to in paragraph (2)(a) is not a sufficient
    indicator of whether they may become economically established in Canada and an officer has
    consulted the government that issued the certificate, the officer may substitute for the criteria set
    out in subsection (2) their evaluation of the likelihood of the ability of the foreign national to
    become economically established in Canada.
    I am not satisfied that the fact that you are named in a certificate issued by Manitoba is a
    sufficient indicator that you are likely to become economically established in Canada. I have
    reached this conclusion because I am not satisfied that you intend to reside in the province of
    Manitoba. I have consulted the government that issued the certificate. My concerns regarding
    your likelihood of becoming economically established were presented to you in my email of 1
    march 2018. The information that you provided in response did not satisfy me that you intend to
    reside in the province of Manitoba. A second officer has concurred in this evaluation. "

  2. You mean your application was denied by ircc even after receiving a nomination from Manitoba??
  3. Oh yes,. IRCC refused my application for issuance of PR card....

    they taken 3 years to make decision. I sold out my property and invested handsome amount in MB "by legal way."
    but all in vain,. - dont bleam them but decision is not justified.... - how they judge that who will migrate from their Province or stay?

    When I invested in MB, then why should i will leave MB and shift to On,...... Am i dam crazy.., I'm
    officer told me. "You will leave the MB because your other family lives in On, - "

    How and what should i do to give them confidence that I have my own life and decision that why i had chose MB for permanent stay....

  4. Omg thats so cruel. Im sorry to hear about that. Were you under express entry? What are you planning to do?
  5. Did you declare your relatives in Ontario in MPNP application? If No? then it is really difficult for you to convince the IRCC officer even if you opt for Appeal. If yes? then they might have come to know that your sponsor is younger than you and your supporter might have recently acquired mortgage to claim his economic establishment in MB. Secondly, why did you invest before migration? If you want to invest, then you can apply for Business investors category visas. The question of migrating to other province won't arrive if you apply for business category immigration.

    If you have well presented your case at MPNP stage without any errors, then it is advisable to hire a professional lawyer who can appeal on your behalf.

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