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Received Email from CIC

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Teolo28, Dec 1, 2018.

  1. Hi,

    Applied online (Oct31, 2018) in Jeddah
    Nov25-started eligibility
    Nov30- received email update from CIC only to let me know that there is still no update in my application and thank you for your patience. I thought it wud have been the result..
    I have previous schengen visa (france+Switzerland) UK, B1/B2 and previous Canada Visa. I thought my application can be processed thru CAN+.

    Patiently waiting still.
  2. you can't do anything instead of wait it is up to IRCC when to release there is no timeline no specific duration of visa issuance some can be issued in a month or 2 or some can take 3 4 months Good luck
  3. Thats right but i dont know whats the cause of delays.. I was expecting i can get within one month the same with my previous application last year which takes only 29days to be exact...
  4. Thats not obvious that it will be always processed by CAN+ if you had canada visa ! Its been one month , Give 2 more weeks before getting worried I would say !
  5. Processing for Saudi Arabia as per CIC is 20calendar days and its already 31days so i think its normal process not under CAN+ processing anymore.

    Goodluck to myself and for those who are still in the queu.
  6. It’s because you have monthly updates checked in your MyCIC account.
  7. Yes. I didnt noticed it until I checked my profile. Do you think I am qualified for CAN+? knowing that I have previous visa and at the same B1/B2? coz if I am qualified, my application is more than 10days already from the processing time and still no result..curious only.
  8. why again it raise a question why are you in rush to get CA visa when your visa is just expired why you want to travel again in december? that might be a reason for them to check again everything in details as it doesn't make any sense as a visitor to visit same place twice after 4 5 months gap LOL so may be that is why they are checking things again from scratch
  9. I am travelling to States this Christmas so I re-applied again to visit my relatives.. Do u think its not applicable to re-apply again after TRV expired? coz if I applied nextyear, there is no occasion like Christmas..
  10. Canada is Coldest place in the Americas you know and SAR is hottest place of earth LOL so big difference of weather so that might be a reason for them to investigate again plus saudi and ca relations
  11. Even if you met the requirements for CAN+ on paper, as mentioned to you here by other users, it’s up to the officer to decide whether to process it under CAN+. Now it looks like you didn’t. Like every application, it’s a case to case basis. Even this case is different from your previous case from when you were last granted a single-entry TRV.
  12. You can safely discount any CAN+ processing. It has not happened in your case.

    Your application is being processed as per normal processing time. You also received a standard update after 30 days
  13. I am just hoping to have an update soon. I was granted multiple entry last yr..
  14. Thank you.. If I applied on paper I think it would be faster since it will go directly to embassy in Riyad..I hope if they approved my application, they will give until pp expiry which 7/2020..
  15. it doesn't matter you applied online or offline it won't effect the process as i applied offline so for me i found online was easier and faster..again it is up to them to give you 6 month 1 year or upto pp expiry visa but it will take time ass per current situation anyways Good Luck

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