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Re-apply visitor VISA before Expiry of

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by RajGill, Mar 22, 2015.

  1. Dear All,

    I received multi-entry Canadian VISITOR VISA for 1-year last which is expiring in July end. Currently, I am residing in US on H1-B and need to re-apply Canada VISA. Should I re-apply after expiry of current VISA or I could apply in advance before my current VISA expires?

  2. Wait for it to expire.

    You can't have two TRVs valid at the same time. Some offices may cancel the one you have and issue you another one if you are in that small gap that makes it reasonable to do so, but most of the times your request will be denied (not refused) as you already have a valid document.
  3. Thanks Jalex, it seems the same cases to me, I'm planning also to renew my TRV but still have 6 months more before will expire.
    my question: If I visit again in canada and my TRV will soon expire, can i renew it within canada a month before expiry or i will go back to my home country? ;)
  4. Use the tool:


    From there you can play all the possible scenarios.
  5. Hello everyone!
    I have multiple visa entry to Canada and my multiple entry visa will soon to expire t(his end of November 2018)
    What should I do, am I allowed to re new my multiple entry visa here in Canada or I must do it in my country?
    Appreciate any advice!
    Thank you all!
  6. No, you cannot 'renew' your visa. You can apply to extend your authorized stay.

    You need to apply for a new TRV when you are outside Canada, preferably from your home country where you have the strongest ties

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