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Ray of hope - FSW - 1


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Apr 10, 2020
Sho, that's quite a high score in tonight's draw. Any predictions about the score dropping over the next few months?
7300+ candidates above 471+
Today draw will take out 3900 from it and by next draw some wer around thousand will join, hopefully it will start to decline below 470 after 2 draws.... I believe....
Too early to predict, right....
Cheer up, something we been waiting for last 4 months has happend.... Feel happy for for those who got it... #SpreadLove


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Nov 3, 2019
South Africa
NOC Code......
Congratulations buddy @ZAtoCD !!! I'm happy for you mate.
YAAAAAAAAS!!!! Congratulation to my south african friend ZAtoCD! Congrats to you all!!
Aipg and favethereality, where are you two now????? Hahahahah
@ZAtoCD Hope you get it man
Here u go.
Congratulations dear!!! U got it finally! I m so happy that FSW happened finally!!!
Congratulations Buddy!
We have been in this together since day 1. From March to July.
Really happy for everyone!
Thank you all so much! You are all so kind and supportive, and I appreciate you. :D

I can’t wait to get an ITA, and I will post here as soon as something is confirmed. Congratulations to all FSWs who receive ITAs from this draw. You have worked hard for this, and been patient, and you deserve this. Let us celebrate together today.