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Ray of Hope - 95th Draw

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by wolfman2017, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Brother! We just need to account the two IELTS results for the upcoming draw. This last draw was predicted to bring light to the life of all around 440 but I don’t know what changed , because there was no IELTS result and hence everyone was optimistic. But I guess two extra days and lot of pending nominations took a toll.
    So to summarise, we should stay optimistic but chances of touching 440 are less for the next one atleast.
  2. what i think is after big fall in CRS the next draw always stays there or there about..Maximum i have seen is 2 CRS points down..Since the they have kept the CRS unchanged my gut feeling is 440 is definitely on the cards or may be one or 2 points down..What i have seen from all the draw results is logic ,complex analysis n all are not serving the purpose here..They are into surprise mode..This time also its no diferent..No body predicted an unchanged CRS..So what we should do is to do what ever is in our stride to improve our scores and be positive..
  3. Honestly I don't see any rush from CIC to drop that score down. Many factors have changed in 2018 such as more people entering the pool, the new US president, more strict draw process, etc. Forget about 435. I am sorry to say it but that is the reality. Not even with back to back draws the cut off will come down to 435. Maaaybe we will see 437-438 this year IF WE ARE LUCKY (I am at 438). Those below that number stop hoping, believing in miracles and Canadian Angels that will drop the score down. What happened last year with such low scores is in the past. Gone. It will never happen again. They know already that there is no need to go down that much to fulfill their quotas and get high quality immigrants. For all of us below 440 the only way is to improve our score. NOTHING ELSE. Predictions, estimations, excel sheets, plots etc are fine and those who put them together are much appreciated but people please let's get realistic here for once. Yes, it is ROH but hope is not gonna fall down the sky randomly. Need to work for it. All the best for all of us!
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  4. The morning after......all the theories, prediction ALL came to nothing. If by now we don't realise that IRCC is the boss then we have more disappointment coming.
    Am now hoping for october draws for CRS to drop sub 440.October has 3 possible draw dates if the current 2weeks gap is sustained. but i expect IRCC to do something to disrupt it.
    Guys increase your scores if you can otherwise sit, hope and pray.
  5. I'm currently at 440 with spouse accompanying, if i change it to not accompanying it goes up to 446. What are the pros and cons of this approach.
  6. Hi All,

    This thread has been a help to many, hence posting some queries here. My brother received an ITA with Ontario Nomination in the 94th draw.

    1. My brother will be applying from India for the Oman PCC and we were trying to authorize one of his friend in Oman by Power of Attorney to apply on his behalf along with required documents (process suggested by CIC & ROP website). But his friend in Oman told him that he would have to personally be at Royal Oman Police for providing the fingerprints as required by ROP. Are you aware if there is any alternate way to provide Fingerprints other than visiting Oman personally?

    2. The ROP issues the PCC in Arabic or English? If only in Arabic, where can one find an authorized translator?

    3. While the PCC is received within in hour if all docs are complete, what is the address of MOFA and how long does it take to get it attested from MOFA if my brother has to visit personally?

    4. CIC website says for Oman PCC, you will require a letter from IRCC to apply for Oman PCC. But, there has been no specific letter in his CIC account nor received on mail. How can he get the IRCC letter.

    Tagging some experts / experience people here - @DelPiero07 @legalfalcon @dr feras @BillHyatt @gunchetan - or any one who can be of any help - I am grateful.

    Any help on above or any detailed information on this will mean a lot. Thanks in advance.
  7. Unless you feel that you would not be able to sponsor your wife later on, why should you not take the "Non-Accompanying" option. Migrating to a completely different country is a major decision in life, and if I am not wrong, many of us from India, would not directly take our entire family in one go. Frankly speaking, one of us goes first, finds a proper work, housing options, school options, commuting requirements and so on ... basically experiencing first hand the scope and challenges in settling down. Once the first mover has hands on experience, which can take anywhere around 3 months to a year, is when we plan to get our dependents there. Idea here is, once you land there as non-accompanying PR (or even before that), you can simultaneously understand everything it would take to Sponsor your spouse (the process might be different), but ultimately you can do it. Little extra time or money here or there, will that matter in the long run??

    However, in your case, since you are at 440, wait for another 2 draws, as I think you might get in by then, and since your score will not change till next April, why do you even have to worry to hurry? You have a lot of time to decide on the Non-Accompanying option.

    Hope this helps.

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  8. Yesterday’s draw was an eye opener for most of us. Even though there were no ielts results entire 14 days scores remained the same. Now, only option for people below 440 is to improve their scores or opt for pnp if they receive the invitation.

    Reality check - People believing scores would be nearly same or drop by few points in next draw, that’s not gonna happen. There are two ielts results coming up this week and next week resulting in many candidates entering pool or updataing their existing scores. Thus, stop giving yourself false hopes and start working hard to chase Canada dream.

    Good luck all!
  9. Anyone with below 439 CRS Score can kiss Express Entry goodbye! I thought I would get an ITA with 438 but it looks impossible right now. Even with a CRS score of 440, it would take 5-6 draws to get an ITA. Time to appear for IELTS I guess. :(
  10. Thanks for replying, you are right. Also we have a 3.5 months old baby now. Travelling with a baby would not be an ideal situation I think.
  11. But you are sure it will touch 440 again in 5-6 draws ? How did you do the math ? At the moment even 440 seems sketchy.
    For the first time ROH thread has turned into a Reality Check thread :D
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  12. Haha, I don't think calculation of any sort is any longer applicable. I will be maxed out with 441 after reappearing for IELTs and yet even I am not sure I would get an ITA with that CRS. :D
  13. 441 is max you can get with bachelors and 3+ yrs of work experience. We are on the same boat.
  14. I agree with this view. Otherwise, why is Ontario only offering PNP's between 433 and 440 in the HCP stream if they thought the scores were going to drop. I think there's been an internal decision to have a soft limit of 440, and Ontario then went 10 points lower to see if there were other profiles they wanted.

    I wish I could be more hopeful to everyone below 440, but if it wasn't for my PNP, I'd be totally screwed as I lose 5 points tomorrow because #gettingolder. And where 438 was tough, 433 feels almost invisible.
  15. For no 4, you get a pdf in your express entry messages
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