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Ray of Hope - 85th Draw

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by AlliBatista, Feb 21, 2018.

  1. Woww great timeline :) Congrats Comrade !!!!! ;);)
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  2. Good day everyone! I've been lurking around these forums and decided to join in for the first time. I have a question regarding reference letter from current employer. I have been working in the same company for the past five years. Last year, I already started compiling documents for ITA as to not waste time if I ever receive that coveted invitation. The date on the letter is July 2017 and is showing a total of 4 years work experience. Would I have to request for a new one? Since this February I have officially reached the 5 year milestone, would it make any difference since I am only claiming points for 3years of work experience outside Canada?
  3. What are the chances of getting an ITA for 443 if draw happens?
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  4. I want the cut off to drop badly
  5. When is the draw expected? It is already been 3 weeks now and no sign of a draw so far........
  6. let's hope for 4000 ITA today...and 3 back to back draws....
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  7. Someone please put a Wednesday in CIC's calendar between Tuesday and Thursday. Seems like it is missing. :)
  8. I suppose the letter states that you are currently employed with the organisation. Since you only need 3 years of full time experience, this letter should suffice for CRS points. You could attach your recent pay slips, appraisal letters etc. to establish that you're still working with the organisation. Will defer to seniors' views though.
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  9. I did yes. Twice. No response whatsoever. The refund took like 3-4 weeks I believe. I used my brother-in-law's Canadian credit care to make the payment, so he got the refund, that on Saturday. Absolutely no correspondence from OINP at all. Maybe they were not entertained at all :D
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  10. well that will be a little farfetched for now, lets hope we can get at least 3500 itas starting from today & at least one back to back draw in March & also in April. They should just meet their annual quotas with that considering the low ita number that was given this year till now.
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  11. Would be better if you could get a new letter. Only thing that changes is the letter issuance date really, so am sure they can update it for you immediately. Generally, experience letter from current employer should not be older than 6 months.
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  12. Draw No 66. The wait was over 4 weeks if I remember correctly. It was quite the place, the forum, then!
  13. I have a question. People like you, who have already received an ITA, still every second Wednesday you get butterflies in your stomach about what is gonna happen, how much will the cut off etc., right? I see many of you are active on Wednesdays, hanging on and trying to give hope to those who need it.

    I believe those who gets into this Wednesday addiction, it will take a while to come out of it. :)
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  14. Yes, I already requested for a new letter but the problem is they recently introduced a policy wherein if the letter would be used for applying jobs or visas abroad, it would take 3months before you can claim the letter. Also, they are now requiring us to specify the puropose for requesting, if it would be used for local employment purposes, it can be claimed after a month. I was thinking of requestng one with the purpose of local employment just to get it faster. Do you think such letter would be acceptable?
  15. That's why I said hope...:D...Bit you. Ever know with IRCC they are unpredictable ...Just like last week...By the way some one had said that it will be very slow till April...I now hope that is true...So it's all about hope:p

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