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Ray of Hope - 74th Draw

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by AlliBatista, Oct 4, 2017.

  1. Thanks :)
  2. 1. To OINP - that number does not say much about any particular stream. There are some streams that are still opened (French stream, Corporate stream) and where still some amount of nomination are waiting for the applicants. In addition they just took a fresh batch of applicants (Master and PHD). So if they open it would be maybe for the few remaining spots (I am assuming maybe 100 or less for this year).

    2. USA you got what the technical majority wanted to vote for (also it was minority of the country, because of the voting system). Country weather you like it or not is only as good as the people living in it. Yes it is up to those people to build decent rules and certain amount of balance in the society. So if the people are busy watching soap operas, playing games or planting poppy for opium in their back garden, then they can be easily manipulated. That is valid for USA, Canada, UK, Germany, India, Pakistan, South Africa or Northern Korea (yes that is a bit extreme country, but would people hold together against dictator to the very end they could change the things, as you cannot really be dictator without people under you and your small amount of henchmen wont be able to run country of such size).

    3. Heath care for free is an illusion. Why because somebody has to pay for it at the end. In USA it is the very person that need that health care. In Canada it is everybody contributing. So here you can complain, that you are paying taxes and you hardly see any doctor at all, yet you pay the same amount as somebody who has lot of visits, but hardly pays any taxes at all. Neither of these systems is ideal.
    In addition if something is free (or that you are forced to pay for it anyway), then suddenly everybody cares about using the service. But at the same time the service is limited, at there is a price list for the doctors with the maximum of services they can offer. Hence why to bother to do more for free. So you can choose between suffering from paying your loans after being treating or suffering from illness while waiting in the queue.
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    Well, what you call unfair advantage, it is what we simply call Democracy. These guys are there just because people wanted them there. Different people have different opinions, you can't expect that your opinion always prevail over others. Democracy is just like that, sometimes Democrats won, and sometimes Republicans. When only one side won everytime, then you should be very very preoccupied. In my country we have "free" health and education. Both of them are so bad that we prefer private schools and private health insurance, still, we have to pay huge taxes... So I really don't mind don't having affordable health care, I prefer paying less taxes. Of course, if I am paying for it, I want a good health care. 13 years of the "local democrats" government just ruined even more everything here.

    Just wanted to know which country you guys will go after Canada, because Justin Trudeau won't stay there forever.
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  4. The people that believe a reality show host is the best person to govern the USA will remain, long after he is gone. Perhaps Canadians might do the same, but I'm willing to take my chances.
  5. Yep, and anyone thinking it's a fair democracy here should read into the electoral college, gerrymandering and voter suppression tactics, which will continue to alter which groups in the US get their voices heard more.

    I can understand thinking this must be outlandish from afar, but when you know enough people who seriously look at what's going on now and still support Trump or at best finally dislike him but still claim they would never vote for a Democrat, and then you have absurd health care costs and are on the brink of going back to getting bankrupted by common medical problems, and it's really not a stretch to want to live someplace more stable. As I've said before, I've wanted to do so since 2012 - long before Trump was more than a reality show figure. And I know of many other people who would take this chance if they weren't tied to the US for reasons they can't change.
  6. I think even the conservatives in Canada are far more sensible than what our Republican party has become in the US. And the US is the only developed country without universal health insurance and probably will remain this way, because the US has a phobia of socialism. It's not just about more equitable sharing of the costs of healthcare. The US healthcare system is very wasteful and inefficiently run. American society as a whole is way too litigious, so malpractice insurance premiums are exorbitant for doctors, which results in higher costs for everyone. The strength of the US healthcare system is in cutting edge medical research and technology, which also drives up overall costs. We have some of most technologically advanced medicine, but more routine care is unaffordable to many. The health insurance market is also a mess.

    Also, society as a whole benefits when everyone has access to healthcare. Those without insurance often go without medical care until they are deathly ill and qualify for emergency room treatment, because the emergency room is the only place that cannot turn away anyone for inability to pay. By the time someone needs emergency care, it is far more expensive and ineffective to treat them than it would have been if they could have received treatment in earlier stages. Then when they receive medical bills in the tens of thousands of dollars, they file for bankruptcy. Unpaid medical bills is the biggest reason for bankruptcy in the US. The costs of these unpaid medical bills are borne by us taxpayers and everyone who has insurance.
  7. Racism, sexism, and bigotry are present everywhere and will never be fully eradicated. I know I won't completely escape them in Canada, but there are fewer of white supremacist types in Canada, and Canada as a whole has or at least is strongly moving toward a culture of inclusion and celebration of diversity. The population in the big cities of Canada, such as Toronto and Vancouver, is about 40% foreign born. The US is really moving in the wrong direction. A lot of Americans are happy to be part of Trump's reality TV show.

    After the presidential election, I actually wanted to immigrate to the UK at first. I have some friends there and like many aspects of its European culture, even though the UK already was starting to go through its Brexit issues and has some of the racist and anti-immigrant sentiments that are becoming more prevalent in the US. I decided on Canada after doing more research on Express Entry and after the slew of terrorist attacks in the UK earlier this year. Currently it takes 5 years of living and working in the UK to become eligible to apply for permanent residence, and who knows how that will change after Brexit. However, there is no loss of points for age as there is in Canada, so I also realized that this is my last chance for Canada. After learning more about Canada, I believe Canada is more progressive than the UK in terms of embracing diversity, and for various other reasons, would be a better place for me personally to settle in permanently.

    Regarding publicly funded education and healthcare, we do have public schools here in the US. Because they are funded by real estate taxes, most of the public schools not in wealthy neighborhoods are pretty bad. We Americans who value education also prefer private schools, and I think there are things we should do to bring in some more competition to improve the quality of public schools, but it's still better for everyone to have access to education than not to. While our public education system needs a lot of improvement, it's still better than moving to a system of only private schools, where only the more privileged have access to education and others can't go to school at all, which would be equivalent to the healthcare system we have here.
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  8. Hello guys,.

    Newbie here, IELTS result is out today.

    Standing at 431 points..any chance to get ITA?
  9. im at 414 from egypt and I have masters degree from poland and it was assessed by WES in canada. Am I eligible to receive OINP? any hopes?
  10. Not for this year . But you can be certain for next year which is only 2 months away :)
  11. Fret not. With 430 at your sleeve you won't be needing PNP's. The subsequent draws will fetch you an ITA.
  12. @Manakhly Am sorry to say bro, I may sound like a liverpool fan but am sure "Next year will be ours" as the quota's for OINP is finished for '17.

    @krunal2904 Yes, you will receive an ITA in upcoming draws. All the best

    Note: Hope I didn't hit a nerve of any liverpool fans, am a supporter of Arsenal ,hence I can understand your feelings :)
  13. We went from California, which is wonderfully diverse, to central Pennsylvania, which is not. Our choice - we wanted to cut the cost of living. But we were unprepared for the intolerance of diversity here. I miss living someplace where you hear multiple languages every day and people are more accepting of differences. I think Toronto or Ottawa will be much more comfortable for us.
  14. Hi guys.. I know HCP is not open yet.. but when it opens, only people who have an NOI from Ontario can apply or will it be open for everyone (with or without NOI?) I am currently at 416, ICT stream and don't have any NOI at this stage. Please advise.
  15. In an unlikely event of re-opening of HCP , only the applicants with NOI is legitimate to apply. Don't worry you are only two months away from receiving a NOI.

    Candidates who have NOI valid until Jan2018 will reap the benefits as they will be the ones who pounce as soon as the stream reopens with replenished quotas.
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