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Ray of Hope - 72nd Draw

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by AlliBatista, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. Lesson learned the hard way. CRS wouldn't have changed, but I hadn't realized my eligibility hinged entirely on that 6th year.

  2. Hi Forum Members,

    I know I am a bit off topic. However, I am a newbie and solicit your assistance in clarifying dilemma pertaining to docs required w.r.t work experience-

    I have been working as an Admin manager for past 6 yrs with a small time Finance company. We do not have a formal HR dept. in our company and the owner oversees such operations. He has agreed to provide the exp letter in the said format comprising of the job duties. In addition I do have the salary slips covering the span of my employment.

    Issue- The salary is paid in cash instead of wire transfer / cheque. Subsequently I have not filed any ITR (salary being too low :(). Kindly let me know what docs will I need to furnish in order satisfy CIC of my employment credentials. I am quiet worried about the same.

  3. Just mention it legitimately in the Letter of Explanation
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  4. Thanks a lot for the quick revert. Any other doc apart from LoE, Exp Letter & Salary Slips which you deem in necessary?
  5. If you are still working in the same firm produce your business card and identity card(both yours and your manager's) if they are available.
  6. Looks like quite a dull Wednesday in ROH thread..Cheer up guys and gals..
  7. Please attach a separate salary certificate from the company mentioning that your payment was done in cash and it will be good if they can provide salary slips (back dated).
  8. Thank you for sharing.
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  9. keep your hopes! a big draw will take time!
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  10. Draw will happen tonight! Why is this thread so silent on a Wednesday night?
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  11. there will be a draw!
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  12. amen to all these hopes....lets all pray so that we have a draw tonight!!
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  13. This time CIC draws might happen on below Category wise to balance the all categories ITA's:
    1. FSW - Federal Skilled Worker
    2. CEC - Canada Experience class
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  14. Hi Forum Members,

    I know I am a bit off topic. However, I am a newbie and solicit your assistance in clarifying dilemma regarding work experience-

    I have been working as a Teaching/Research Assistant for 2 years ( 2015-2017) while doing my Master in the US. I am planning to apply for PR under the FSW. I wonder if I can claim points for that experience outside using NOC 4012. In other words, can claim points for both eligibility and EE once in the pool with TA/RA experience outside Canada for 2 years?

    I also have one year experience in the Business Industry working as an Analyst. However, the 1 year experience is discontinued. Meaning, I work first as an analyst for a period of 7 months between May 2012 and November 20112. Later, I work as an analyst for 3 months between December 2013 and March 2014. Finally, recently as an analyst from June 2017 to September 2017. I wonder if I can claim points for analyst experience under FSW with the above. Do we need 1 year experience without interruption?

    I know these are off topic and may annoyed some but I hope I can get some very useful information from this forum as I find the people here very helpful and willing to help.

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  15. Hi,

    I am new in the forum and want to understand how does the nomination system work? Do we apply for job in job banks or the province will directly send the nominations depending on their needs. Can you please help me to understand. Thanks

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