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Ray of Hope - 139th Draw


Dec 20, 2017
Someone here also stated that EE immigrants have come to Canada to work on minimum wage. Nope. Not true. There are people here who are struggling. But, there are so many doing well.
No one comes to work for minimum wage, they HAVE to as all companies ask for Canadian experience, I've met Indian doctors, engineers and CAs doing that. Of course, things get better with time /experience /network

That doesnt sound good. Am from toronto. Everyone is getting layoffs. Dont know how bad its gonna affect Economy and recession is on its way. Such a bad times. Everything is uncertain at the moment. Hope everything passes away soon.
Exactly, the economy was down anyway with companies shutting down and no jobs even for university graduates , now after COVID19 and recession God only knows how ppl r gonna survive with rental costs 2k+


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Jan 26, 2020
Yes, people are reporting that they have received ITAs.
Maybe the update on website may take time.


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Jan 20, 2020
Draw prediction on the app changed back to today, March 18th (469 - 472), so that's also potentially hopeful?