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Ray of Hope - 125th Draw

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by NikSharma01, Aug 20, 2019.

  1. Hmmm. Yeah So accurate mate!!!! Like your prediction the last time.. some times I really wonder if you are happy with your "move to Canada" decision.
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  3. Hi,
    I got NOI from OINP with my previous IELTS (8 overall) score which expired. So, I appeared in IELTS again but couldn't even managed to get my previous score, twice(7 overall). I'm a bit confused now, as to should I apply for OINP with my latest score or retake IELTS again?

    PS: where can I rant about British Council being _____ and TOEFL being better then IELTS?!
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  4. Hello Guys,

    I hope that everything is fine with your express entry or ITA application,

    I know that the topic will be a frequently asked question whereas I need a clear info by someone who have submitted His/Her ITA.

    The question is regarding to Address History Section, Do I have to mention all my previous short trips's adresses ?

    Or Only I need to mention about the country where I stayed permanently or worked?

    I look forward to hearing from you guys,

    Thanks in advance
  5. You can still apply to ontario with the new ielts as you fulfill their min criteria, however you need to reenter the ee pool with the new ielts and link the new profile with oinp.
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  6. Last 5years travel history it's more then enough (cos travel history exceeds 5years it's automatically deleted from the central database)
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  7. Thank you very much mate,

    I got your point , however what about the address history? Such as I mentioned all the trips in travel history in Last Ten Years, But Addresses that I stayed during my short trips ( Maximum 10-15 days in each trip) to abroad at Hotel, Air BNB etc, Should I provide information about all of them in address history section?
  8. Just checked immitracker...

    5 out of the 44 filed OINP July 12 tech draw cases have got their nominations. If this figure can be used to reflect the actual proportion then 11% of July 12 OINP applicants are now with 1000+ CRS and it seems ~8 of the 28 cases in DIP stage are likely to receive nominations by Sep 4. So an estimate of ~13 out of 44 (29.5%) of the July 12 OINP applicants might get nominations.

    Let’s assume 1000 of the July 12 OINP NOI receivers actually applied, then based on the above percentage, 200-300 might have received their extra 600 pts by Sep 4th.

    I guess this might result in a little resistance in cut-off but not too damaging. Keep our hopes high!
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  9. Address History is intended for places where you lived. If you didn't have a home during those visits, then yes mention them.
  10. Excellent Analysis!
  11. That is if they follow a linear trend in issuing nominations and there's a linear distribution of submission, assessment, and DIP dates of applications on immitracker :)

    My gut says 'trend of issuing nominations' is going to be exponential before next draw :)
  12. i am completely confused regarding this province nomination

    1. If your profile is in EE, how does profile get picked up? People with same NOC code may or maynot be picked up - is it random?
    2. Can one play aroudn with NOC code.. say have my profile in EE and i want to apply to other provinces, can i play around with NOC code (or they must be the same?)

    3. spoke to a consultant - they are reputed but they said they charge money and will arrange employment proof to push the case into provincial program.. (so say technician is in demand then they get all paper work and position me as technician , irrespective whether i am phD)

    4. Also, agency said.. they expect a major drop in nov.. i can't see how scores will ever come down.. any thoughts?
    is it true that the surge in score this time is because provinces gave out more visas and hence peaked scores
  13. But the new CRS score would be lower, so won't it effect my application?
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    Hi dear,

    I would like to tell you that when you receive the ITA your details entered in your EE profile gets automatically recorded by the GCMS server i.e. "The actual e-APR stage". So, if during this period your CRS is affected negatively because to your birthday, then you'll be exempted as per the Section A25.2.
    Have a look below:

    Exemption to section A11.2: candidates whose birthday occurs after they receive an ITA
    "An applicant may have a birthday after they receive an ITA but before they submit their e-APR. Their change in age may lower their CRS score below the lowest score in the round of invitations. It may also result in the applicant no longer meeting the minimum requirements of the FSWC and, consequently, no longer meeting the MEC, resulting in a refusal based on section A11.2.

    When a change in age results in the candidate no longer meeting the MEC or having their recalculated CRS points score fall below the lowest points score in that round of invitations, officers should consider applying the public policy to exempt applicants for permanent residence from certain age-based requirements between invitation to apply and application, based on section A25.2. This consideration can result in an exemption from the refusal of an application under section A11.2.

    This public policy also grants an exemption to applicants who may be refused for failing to meet FSWC program requirements when their birthday occurs between the ITA and e-APR."

    Hope it may clear your doubts. Good luck :)
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  15. My question is regarding work experience letter, is it required to have experience letter in certain format? My wife’s experience letter is too generic, it doesn’t mention total responsibilities or total hours worked. They have mentioned that she was a full time employee and working for such and such period and they are not willing to provide experience letter the way required by IRCC. What alternative we have in this case? Any suggestions?

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