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Ray of Hope - 125th Draw

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by NikSharma01, Aug 20, 2019.

  1. Not required.

    ...And so, the number will enhance drastically before the upcoming draw, because majority of the July 12th NOI folks have already entered in the Decision In Progress - DIP stage and they're likely to get nominated within the few days. Taking this into consideration, the 600+ slot may witness a sudden rise in the PNP applicants, approximately 600-1000, which may affect the rapid fall of the draw cut-off.
  2. You’ve provided one possible reason but .. as I checked immitracker for OINP case status and noticed 2 interesting facts...
    1) for July 12 and later OINP
    NOIs, very seldom NOI with 450+ CRS are accepted & submitted by far, seems people with 450+ are hesitating & observing the trend
    2) for May 31 NOIs most were approved with very few DIP; however for July 12 NOIs, no nominations issued yet but many on DIP stage since 1st week of August.

    Based on the 2 facts above, the numbers of profiles moving from 451-600 to 601+ in this 8 days period should be very minimum. However we might see some such impact on next draw if it’s on Sep 4...
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  3. Pls how true is this? Only family member gift deed is accepted by CIC
  4. Get a new passport asap even if you need to get it urgently. Use the new passport to apply. It will make your life easy post AOR passport change is complicated. You Where are you based? I know that in pakistan one can get urgent passport (double the normal fee) with 7-10 Working days maximum go for urgent option if it is available in your country etc

  5. Thanks!!!! Hoping your predictions come true. Hopefully I will have 458 CRS ny 4 Sept
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    right now I am at 448 and will jump to 459 in March Work permit till July 2020. Is it safe to wait for March or will need to get lmia from current employer
  7. Any chance there will be a draw next week? they have done it before; three draws have been conducted three weeks in a row then it went back to normal bi-weekly
    I am at 453 now!!! i think if there s gonna be a draw next week,cut off would drop under 452/1/0
  8. True as per my knowledge and either of parents is more convincing instead of siblings
    If u planning to get money from someone else, then first deposit in ur parent’s account and then to urs
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  9. Nobody can give any guarantee or safety.
    Don’t wait, Get Lmia or whatever it takes to increase ur score.
  10. Thanks
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    I am at 457, didn’t get ITA because of the tie break. However, I am really looking forward to the next draw.
    Please advise, is it necessary to create job bank profile before getting an ITA or it can be done post that?
    If it is to be done before that are these two linked in any manner? As in, do we have to mention reference id anywhere? @13nitinsharma @Punitsingh @Angel1113
  12. It's not compulsory but what's harm in doing so.. .may be it can bring u some good opportunity. ..
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  13. I don't know about that but I have filled these two qualifications in wes evalution. So, waiting for the evaluation result.
  14. I have filled both the qualifications and now waiting for report. But, to be honest, I literally know nothing about this "2 or more degrees" category.

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