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Ray of Hope - 125th Draw

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by NikSharma01, Aug 20, 2019.

  1. Sorry its the HR :) .. my payroll company is dynpro and deputed to IBM..while filing the ee profile I've mentioned present company as dynpro - deputed to IBM
  2. Yes, you can get it signed by Dynpro HR. (Considering Dynpro is mentioned in your payslips).
  3. landing can be done anywhere. settlement must be done in the nominating province if its a pnp.
  4. "Candidates from the Federal Skilled Trades Program, were eligible for this round of invitations." what does this mean? Does anyone know?
    Does that mean CEC who are having enough points won't get invitation?
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  6. Hi everyone.
    I am at 448 since May. My points will increase to 472 in October as my work experience increases.
    I am taking appointment for PCC in September. What else can I prepare to save time after getting ITA? Can I take bank manager's letter for POF 10-15 days prior to getting ITA?
    Please suggest.
  7. No issues. I believe, there shouldn't be any problem regarding the landing. The major factor is that the Primary applicant is supposed to be landed first incase not accompanying! Whereas, The dependants can land anytime at any place afterwards.

    However, if you're a PNP PR applicant, then landing should be done in the nominated province only! Hope it clears your doubts.
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  8. false.
  9. It doesn't matter if they land at different places.
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  10. No, whoever has a CRS of 457 and above, is eligible.
  11. i dont think u need POF
  12. Creating a job bank account is not mendatory anymore. If is upto you if you want to create one. There should be link and no. To create an account in the confirmation letter in your express entry profile after you sucessful entered the pool. If you are an outland applicant or if you are looking for a job offer than creating a job bank account can be helpful for you. If you are inland and already have a job in your primary occupation then no need.
  13. Please publish the facts or links behind this false accusation, so that we are aware of the correct process
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    the *asteric note does not matter. If it was specific program draw, it will be written in bold like Federal Skill Trade after "Results: Round of invitations" but It clearly said "no program specified". So, as per my understanding, all EE candidates (FSW, FST and CEC even PNP nominated) are all eligible for that particular draw. Hope this clear your confusion.
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  15. Hey guys when we go for rcmp fingerprint, do we need civilian print also? I have fignerprinting and civilian print on my receipt. I don't even know what a civilian print is

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