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Ray of Hope - 123rd Draw

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by 13nitinsharma, Jul 24, 2019.

  1. LOL

  2. Relax. We can read with caps lock off.
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  3. It dropped one point last draw
  4. Calculated predictions anyone?
  5. you will get it buddy
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  6. Thanks mate, little tensed on 457 hopefully on Aug 21st get the golden news.......

  7. Guess the calculations was 458 with June tie breaker at 3600 ITAs. And 457 with 3750 ITAs
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  8. Hi All
    I called up WES. They told me that the two set of documents do not match and one is transcripts and one is statement of marks.( just of photo copies of individual semester marksheets). This is why they have rejected. Now they have asked me to send the statement of marks attested by the university directly from.the university.

    Hi guess me sending the second set from my end created a confusion for them. My bad.
    Please advice now what's the best way out. Double checking so that this time I don't make a mistake.
  9. I know it's a stupid question...but still.... as per latest standing on 19th July ( before the last draw) there were 6200 candidates in the 451 -600 range. Already 3600 given in last draw , so around 2600 left out of 6200. But at this point, noone knows how many are at 459 , 458 , 457 .....456.....454....451 (after 25th May tie breaker in last draw) except CIC. Of course there are new additions daily with higher score. We are few handful in this forum...but there are lot others applying from around the world. So 0.5 to 1 point drop in next seems logical.
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  10. Your university has to send the transcripts directly to WES and you need to send only the copy of degree / Convocation certificate (Do not include statement of marks). No attestation required here.
  11. And look at their supporters too. Epic!!
  12. Ontario issued many nois at 31st May, when might these noi have an impact over the cutoff? Any idea guys

    Considering the heavy influx of applicants in the higher scores and the potential Nois and nominations for pnps since May and also the FT draw which might happen in September, the risks of seeing a higher cutoff is even more.

  13. 31st PNP had major impact on 24th July draw
    12 july PNP should impact 4th sep draw
    This early August PNP should impact 18 sep or 2nd oct draw
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  14. I believe the high number of invitations in the PNP would have the effect of pushing up once again the CRS
    and uptrend. Now Ontario is quite on the ball with these invitations.

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