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Ray of Hope - 105th draw

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by senthilkumarank, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. I am in same situation now and entered pool alone without wife and my daughter. Many have done it before and got the pr. Later on it is legal to sponsor the spouse and procedure has been laid down by cic. So I don't see any issue except to be away from the family and sacrificing your family life for a better future.
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  2. Thank you
  3. Yah!! Really tired of attempting IELTS, we tried for 2 times couldn't improve our scores, stuck @ 7.5 and 6.5. Now we r also thinking to apply as non accompanying spouse. Thanks for the encouragement friends.

  4. Hello Everyone :)

    My CRS score is 429 and my job duties are exactly the same as NOC 5241 (graphic designer and illustrators). Is there any ray of hope for me in future draws ??

    Thanks in advance.
  5. T
    Try improving your ielts score, these days 8777 is not gonna work if you dont have a sibling or spouse points, if you can improve score in 3 modules you can reach 438 or even 441 if each module is clb 10
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  6. Frankly speaking there are no chances seeing the current trend. I being at 444, still worried.
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  7. In my opinion, any one above 440 is in safe zone. Justva matter of time.
    I am standing at 439 since may last year.
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  8. Don't think scores will fall to 441 in the upcoming draw. Hopefully sometime in December, fingers-crossed!
  9. Latests predictions for Wednesday's draw?
  10. I am also worried at 444.with so many above 450, my score feels like a pittance!I hope we make the cut tomorrow mate.
  11. Not trying to be spoilsport or anything and you know I am almost in the same boat as you, but do ask the senior members in the forum. As far as I know, you've to give a convincing reason during eAPR why spouse and dependent children Not Accompanying, and it cannot be just to increase CRS. Also, later when you file your spousal sponsorship, this question may come up again. I know that @vensak have some knowledge and opinion on this.
    Whatever you do, just take an informed decision, immigration is a long-term life-changing activity.
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  12. Hey, please guide. In PCC India ,should i select residence permit or immigration other than citizenship?
    I am thinking to get pcc prior to ITA , i am from punjab and score is 447.
  13. Yes I am aware of the fact that one has to state the reason for this. In my case, my daughter is 5 year old and it will be tough to stop her schooling and take her along especially when I am settling myself and giving exams to obtain license to practice as physio. Secondly, my mother is a heart patient with a pacemaker, so me and my wife had already decided that she would remain here to take care of her till the time, we can make suitable arrangements for her like supervisa or sponsoring her eventuall after 4years of my stay. So, even if we had family pr, my wife would have stayed here. So, I think it is justified to adopt this strategy to increase the crs
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  14. If there is something unsuitable in this, kindly point out so that I may not repent about this decision in the future
  15. Hello, is it not better to wait for Ontario in January. With 439 you will surely get a notification of interest. Just my thought.

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