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Questions regarding TRV Visa application

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by ahmadka, Jul 7, 2018.

  1. I'm a Canadian PR holder but my wife isn't. My wife is applying for TRV and we're thinking of going to Canada together in early august for a few days (3rd to 8th august). I have a few questions to ask:

    1) How much money should I 'provide my wife with' for this trip (since I'm supporting her financially) ?

    2) Which of the following 3 stay options would be best for a TRV application:

    a) Stay with a cousin of mine (mother's brother's daughter) who is a PR holder and is employed, who can also write an invitation letter for my wife's TRV application.

    b) Stay with an aunt of my wife (my wife's mother's sister) who is a Canadian citizen and is a housewife, who can probably also write an invitation letter for my wife's TRV application.

    c) A very close friend of mine whom I have personally known for the last 14 years. He is not blood related though and is currently unemployed in Canada.

    d) Stay in a hotel and provide hotel booking confirmation with the TRV application.
    3) Where in the online application do I attach a Cover Letter (which people on the forum are talking about) ?

    4) For 'Purpose of Travel - Other', people are suggesting I make provisional flight bookings and show them, and say that I'll purchase the full ticket if TRV is issued. But aren't provisional flight bookings only held for 2-3 days ? I think they get cancelled if you don't pay for the ticket in 2-3 days.

    Thanks guys.
  2. 1. Your finances as they are. Unofficially: CAD 1,000 per week of visit per person (depending on the visit plan)

    2 (a)

    3. Cover letter In Optional/Letter of Explanation

    4. Flight itineraries (not confirmed tickets), not paid for
  3. Thanks @Bryanna.

    I have another question. My wife has a USD currency account in her name here in the US, which has roughly that exact amount of money in it (strictly unintentional!). The money has been in that account since account opening which was about 4 months ago. Is that amount enough, or should I deposit some more money into that account and attach a letter stating that that additional money is a one-time gift and doesn't have to be returned ever in any way ?
  4. She can submit this bank statement + you can include a Letter of Financial Support and your bank statements (without transferring any funds) + your immigration status in the US
  5. Hadn't realized that you are not living in Canada and you have so much family in Canada. My original concerns remain but the purpose of travel for an Oscar type event isn't a strong reason for travel and there seems to be more and more ties to Canada which will be concern. How much time have you spent in Canada because you also need to meet your RO? Yet another reason CIC would be concerned that you both intend to stay in Canada.
  6. Yeah, there were discussions on this point earlier too:
  7. This has gotten pretty ridiculous with all these similar posts. You need to apply and see what happens. You haven't left yourself much time at this point.
  8. IMO, it's quite complicated:
    1. The OP probably hasn't met RO

    2. He's tossing a coin between a US green card and a Canadian PR. He's not sure which one, but would like to meet RO in the meanwhile

    3. His wife does not have a strong TRV application. He has the option of moving back to Canada alone and then applying for her via the outland process

    4. A major obstacle: Regardless of a spousal PR app via an outland or an inland process, his wife is pregnant = Cannot complete the medicals = If she returns to the US (after submitting an inland app), she might not be allowed to re-enter Canada
  9. Yep I'm hoping to apply in a day or two and then see what happens. Thanks for your help.
  10. If you haven't met your RO or have been out of Canada for almost 3 years it will be assumed that you are returning for good. Haven't gone through all your posts but you have to decide about your future. Nobody on this forum can decide for you. The pregnancy certainly makes things much more complicated.
  11. No no guys, slow down. Although I haven't met RO (but I still have more than 3 years remaining to meet it), I don't care as my US Green Card has been picked up, so I'm not returning to Canada in the long-term. This visa for my wife is JUST a visa, nothing more intended. Like I said in the other thread, my wife is going to Pakistan to complete her studies soon, just so she can return to US in time for her delivery (scheduled for US, *NOT* Canada). In fact, I don't even care if the Visa is only valid for a month, just so we can go on this trip. I don't even mind disclosing the pregnancy thing to the VO, but Bryanna suggested against that so I'm not doing that. I want the baby to be delivered in the US, not Canada.

    We had even decided against the TRV visa application to begin with, but thought of picking it up last minute to see if we can attend that awards show (https://www.ticketmaster.ca/6th-HUM-Awards-tickets/artist/2506232). That's why in a hurry since last few days, I have been researching about getting the visa again.

    Hope that un-complicates things.
  12. Given the circumstances, I would not rush to submit the application because of the awards show. Give her TRV application your best shot. And, hope for the best
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  13. Although your advice makes sense, I'm not sure how waiting will help her situation. For example, she can't work in the US because of visa restrictions. Can you elaborate perhaps ?

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