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Questions on filling in "Generic Application Form For Canada" IMM 0008

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by MridulSharma, Sep 20, 2014.

  1. I have few questions on filling the form "Generic Application form (IMM 0008)".[\A\] First question pertains to Question # 3 in the application form "How many family members, including you, are in this application (see instructions guide)". I'm "single" living in Canada on work-permit and have an elder sibling and parents. My sibling nor parents don't intend to immigrate. Not sure whether parents come under the category of dependants, though they live in India and me in Canada. Do I have to include my parents (who are about 70 yrs old), though they dont plan to immigrate to Canada. OR, if I were to include them in the application, then will they be processed for PR too. [\B\] Question # 4 in the application form "Immigration office requested for processing the application Since I currently live and work in Canada on work-permit, I prefer to process it in Canada as I have valid work-permit upto March/2017. What should I fill in here ? Is it CPC - Ottawa OR any other office. [\C\] Next question is Question # 10 in the form "Current country of residence" Since I 'm already in Canada on work-permit with work-permit validity till March/13/2017, which date should I fill as "To" ? Is it my work-permit end date OR the date of submission of my application OR leave it blank ?
  2. 1. Answer is 1 (parents and siblings are not considered dependants)

    2. Immigration Office: CPC Ottawa (since you live in Canada)

    3. put wp expiration date
  3. Parents are not dependents.
    Immigration Office: Leave blank if you are currently in Canada and applying in Canada
    Country of Residence: Canada, Dates: start to end date of your work permit

    Source: There is a guide for filling the forms on the CIC application page called IMM 5609. Read it thoroughly for any help you need with forms.

    I cannot post the URL as the forum doesnt allow it.
  4. Hello all,

    I am preparing my application for my wife to join me in Canada as a PR. I seem to have found a problem.

    There is a new IMM0008 generic application form updated for November 2014, however it does not have the previous question 4 which asks

    What immigration office would you like to be processed in.

    On the CIC website it says 'In your application, you must select the visa office where your application will be processed.'

    Now that this question is missing where in the application do I state where I want my wife's application to be processed in? This is important for me because my wife is resident in a country not of her birth and we want to send the application there to be processed.

    Thank you for any help

  5. You are correct. Question 4 has been removed and the associated Guide http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/applications/guides/3999Etoc.asp#3999E4 no longer makes a reference to it. The Guide was updated earlier this year (August 2014). I suspect that CIC are now choosing which Immigration Office to use, based on their operational requirements. It's also possible that applicants were trying to bypass long wait times by taking up temporary residence in countries with faster processing. Either way, the applicant no longer is able to choose.
  6. Thankyou for the reply, this is worrying to me as my wife's national visa office is Singapore but she is resident in another country. There must be documentation noting this change somewhere such as an OP01 document.

    Can I ask if you know this from reading documentation or is it your informed opinion?

  7. It is extremely unlikely that CIC will have documented the change. They are able to make alterations to the application process at any time, without legislation changes. It's a reasonable guess.. They have always been able to ignore the answer to the previous Question 4 if they wish..
  8. Hi I have a few questions regarding filling out generic application form IMM008. My husband is sponsoring me for permanent residence in Canada he is a citizen himself. When I was submitting my documents I was expecting my baby, now that I already have a kid cic has asked us to send an amended IMM008 form listing the child.
    My queries are regarding the dependent section of this form. As my child is born outside Canada but apparently be coz of citizen father the child is the Canadian citizen as well. Therefore what should I write in the form question where they asked citizenship of the dependent also if the child is residing outside Canada so what should the living status be? Should it be permanent resident or citizens of the country where the child resides?
    Awaiting to hear a response soon.
  9. i have a questions in filling out the name. Where will we put the middle name? they only request the surname and given name. there's no middle name there
  10. hello friends I am a Syrian i am filling IMM 0008 and my current country which i am living is Armenia I entered it with visa in 2013 what will be my current country of residence status ?
  11. IMM 0008 form no.15. If my mailing address and residential address is same then no. 15 will be BLANK or NOT APPLICABLE?
  12. guys am currently trying to get to canada in student visa.. i got my admission in seneca college and paid my first semester fees.now my agent says i need to show my second semester fee along with gic i bank account inorder to get the visa.. is it true?? am really confused and am hoping to get my loan soon.. please reply if anyone knows about it.
  13. Filling out for conjugal partner. For current martial status do I put common law, single or unknown. Never been married.
  14. can anyone tell the exact meaning of:
    Question 1

    From the list, select the Program under which you are applying:

    please advice.

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