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Quebec Skilled Worker Federal Stage (After CSQ)


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Sep 25, 2019
Hi guys,

I'm starting to get a little worried as my processing time has passed the 22 months mark from the CIC application tracker. Below is my timeline but the most recent interaction was in September 23rd, 19 when they requested an updated Schedule A. I haven't heard anything since. I requested my GCMS note last October as well and it seems like everything has passed except for security which is not started. Any idea time from update Schedule A request to DM?

AOR: April 30th, 2018
Pre-arrival letter (IMM5801): October 27th, 2018
Medical passed: September 23rd, 2019
Updated Schedule A request: September 23rd, 2019

I just requested GCMS notes again in March 2nd, 2020.
Currently, you are from which country? Im asking that so that i can assist you


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Oct 10, 2017
Dears, I've got a ghost update today and wanted to inform you.
As I recall correctly, nearly a month ago, also one of our forum friend got a ghost update here.

What is Ghost Update ?

After you login to your GCKey account, at home page, there is a table that lists your applications like below.
Application typeApplication numberApplicant nameDate submittedCurrent statusMessagesAction

When there is a ghost update, the 'current status' column of that table changes into 'Application / Profile Updated'.
But when you click to see your application details, you will see NO change. Also you won't get any e-mail from IRCC regarding this update.
Eventually, if you login again or click back button of your browser to see that table, you will continue to see 'Submitted'.

If you also notice a ghost update, please share your own experiences with forum.


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Sep 24, 2019
That's a great observation! And It will decrease to 15-17 months, likely, because the 2019 applications are going to be processed soon. As we all know, there were only ~15000 CSQs issues in 2019 for skilled workers (a decrease from the 22000 CSQs issued on 2018).
You are right. That is the case, hopefully people who applied in 2019 are processed faster than the people who did in 2018.

I ahve read the reports, I think because of all their(QC immigration) policies, although they have negatively affected many of us, will ultimately result in better processing at federal level.

I was one of those 18000, finally given priority in July, got csq in Dec 2020. But I know the struggle and I feel bad for many of those people who had less time because of their work permit or didn't have valid IELTS, all of them have suffered. Now PEQ French category has been slowed.

CAQ announced to increase the quota again maybe later this year or 2021, the one they had decreased after coming into power. That should also push the files.


Oct 4, 2019
I think quebec hasn't been issuing any CSQs this year for skilled workers. None for the arrima applicants, and the PEQ people are waiting from Novemeber (the government is not respecting the 21-day rule anymore). Maybe a few dozen CSQs at the most, in total.

Good to be beyond this point, but I feel very sorry for my fellow pre-CSQ applicants (considering how much I went through to get the CSQ myself).

That would explain why the tracker only registers six applications from 2020. Also, if you see everyone in the tracker (except for six cases) comes from PEQ since March 2019. The CAQ really messed up immigration
I dont really know for arima aplicants but my kids received thier Csq applied last november , they are 2 kids additional dependents


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Sep 25, 2019
Visa Offices, outside Canada, will be relunctant to issue PR, in our own best interest...for the sake of our health....believe me ...these are not assumptions. Im hitting processing time next month and for the best or the worst, i will beg for my PR from the Pretoria embassy and rushed to Canada.....its not Coronavirus that will decide my fate!!!
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