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Quebec Skilled Worker Federal Stage (After CSQ)

Discussion in 'Quebec Immigration' started by quebec100, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. ow about if someone already passed all the checks including SS and BGC, are there still cases of refusal or files being lost? Thanks
  2. Ok. I think i am losing patience now. I am starting to doubt that if cic recieved my file or not.
    I will wait till 10th december, and if i dont hear anything than i am planning to show up at cic nova scotia and get details about my file. 2500 kms trip from Montreal. Phew....
  3. Hi, not sure it’s a good idea, mate. I did the same for the IRCC office in Montreal for a work permit and was turned away right away by security (politely but surely). They said it’s appointment only. Didn’t even enter the building your best bet is calling them
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  4. You need to wait, you can not do this. If you will do, you will just waste your time.

    Moreover, you mentioned in your earlier post that "They received your file on Aug 14 of this year".
    My friend, I would like to tell you that for me - they received my file on Aug 08 and I got AOR on Jan 17and for my other friend, his file was received on Aug 08, 2018 too but AOR was provided in Feb 2019.

    So YOU need to WAIT or Contact them via phone again.

    Best of luck !
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  5. How do they send aor? By regular mail or email?
  6. They will send you an email.
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  7. Thanks.
    I wish it doesn't go in spam.
  8. That's true i guess. They have lots of inventory in their mailroom i blv, so hard to respond for them.
  9. Hey, do you know if the new Provincial rules for csq will affect existing csq holders?
    And the NOC code "nouveau travailler" in my csq is not in cic database. What does it mean?? I can work noc C or D level jobs or self employed work.?
    Sorry i am anxious.
  10. New rules should not impact existing CSQ holders who already applied for Federal. And for the Classifications of Jobs Noc C or Noc D or any other type, it depends on your work permit if you have one.
  11. @ngkapadiya

    I will tell you a trick. Not sure if this will work. Lets assume they forgot to email you for your AOR or the mail bounced. Since you have your UCI number from your work permit. Goto ECAS select "Client ID/Unique Client Identifier" from the Identification Type and try to get status by providing your details. Just a guess.

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  12. Hi folks,
    I got PR and moved to Edmonton Canada this month. Waiting for PR card. I wanted to know can we move to Montreal and settle straight away on PR or we need to get CSQ first ?
  13. Hi folks does anyone has the same time like mine:
    FILE RECEIVED Dec 19,2018
    AOR april 2019
    And waiting since then
    My bartime shows its due on NOVEMBER 19,2020
    anyone in the same time boat here like mine?
    Is medical next step? If it is when they are supposed to request it?
    Its really getting on our nerves

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