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Quebec Skilled Worker Federal Stage (After CSQ)

Discussion in 'Quebec Immigration' started by quebec100, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. Lets hope for the best..
  2. Its strange that security hasnot started and they've asked for remedical.
    I would have thought remedical would have been once everythg cleared this time.
  3. Thanks ;-) I'm from France
  4. Seems re-medicals is just flowing in recent time. Just got re-medicals too. Wish all of us good luck.
  5. Hi bro , from where do we get the IMM medical forms?
  6. It will be sent by CIC with the email. Though it was sent via my attorney.
  7. Finally! I really hope remedical means DM in few days.
  8. Patience I really hope so after 23months.

    Do not worry yours will also come soon.

  9. Is remedical a positive sign?
  10. When was your previous medical date?
  11. Dear Friends,
    Kindly see the above time frames of my application:
    Someone can help my queries much appreciated...
    1) Let me know, now the Biometrics is applicable for my application, which started processing in 2014?
    2) I did my processing through agency, i think they are sharing informations via ECAS (cic.gc.ca/mycic/dashboard), but they have not shared those credentials.

    My question is, if i create account in GCkey will it create any problem? Whether GCKey will help me to know my current status?
  12. No problem you can create GC key account, I'm with a correspondent yet I did so and didn't face any problem .
  13. August 6th 2018
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  14. Hii guys is there any body who have get air on 28 May 2018
    Cic Receive application on 26 march 2018
    Aor on 28 May 2018
    Request of Rprf fee 490 dollars on 12 July 2019
    No medical received till date
    I’m on my 17 th month please update
  15. Why those who have March AOR are totally ignored by IRCC while many applicants with as late as AUGUST AORs have been contacted for passport? It’s ridiculous and insane.

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