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Quebec Skilled Worker Federal Stage (After CSQ)

Discussion in 'Quebec Immigration' started by quebec100, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. Federal applied in December 2017
    AOR in February 2018
    Medical Request in April 2018
    Medical done in May 2018
    Prearrival mail received in August 2018

    Still it says reviewing eligibility, reviewing additional documents provided, medical passed and processing background checks.
    I submitted federal file from Canada
    Can anyone tell what does it mean?
  2. Good day. Can anyone confirm that if medical examination result will expire in 90 days, we need to do it again? Someone from our fb group posted that situation today. Her medicals will expire on April and Manila vo is requesting her to do it again
  3. I have exactly the same timeline as you except medical that I did one month earlier than you.
    My file says the same thing but when I called CIC, the agent told me I have passed everything ( criminality, eligibility, background, ..) but my security has not been started yet.
    He said It is not 19 months yet!!! so we do not know when the security check gonna get stated!!!!
  4. Please, tell me what number got through of CIC?
  5. How did you contact CIC? I tried to get them through Skype but I couldn’t contact agent. I heard only computerized message about my file
  6. What is the difference between security and background check?
  7. the same situation...
  8. Hey guys
    I just passed my medical, saw this on my GCKey. What's next now? Can someone tell me?
  9. Hi all,
    In my 30th month. Just got PCC, Medical, RPRF Fee request today. Also to complete IMM 5669 form again. Visa office - AVO
  10. Congratulations on this progress. U should be awaiting DM
  11. HI after how long did they say medical passed? when did you submit your medical?
  12. Hi nannu,

    Your file is still in process and they are doing the background check. You seem to have uploaded or sent some additional documents which they are reviewing. Overall your file has moved faster than many other files. All the best!
  13. Thank you for your reply
    I haven’t sent any additional documents rather than medical report after application.
  14. After 3 days.
    We did medical on Tuesday February 12, 2019.
  15. Approximately how long before getting DM.

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