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Quebec Skilled Worker Federal Stage (After CSQ)

Discussion in 'Quebec Immigration' started by quebec100, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. The average processing time just extended to 19 months.
  2. I do not think we will get the PR. They will keep extending the processing time till the world ends :(
  3. Sure, wish you the same!!
  4. I want to know the points for study in quebec computer science technology 2 years and 3 years diploma separately and also points for areas of training in the same
  5. what could be now the earliest time to get the reply now?? i applied in november end 2017
  6. Think about what you want not want you don't want.
    I was in this journey since July 2011, and I am waiting for my passport to come back from Canadian embassy.
    Enjoy the waiting time and think about your plans once you are there.
    I feel you will be sharing some good news very soon. I hope so really
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  7. MGAZI indeed your journey was long and at the end result is goog. That's what it counts I guess. Do you have to get renewed csq as what I noticed is that your csq have expired. Don't we have to show our csq during our landing process in Montreal?
  8. Hello Friends,

    My file is in process for PR application and medical is also done. Last month i traveled to my home country during pr process. so my question is Do i need to update the travel history? If yes then can you tell me how can i update the travel history?

    Thank you in advance.
  9. Hello dear Ahmed74,

    In deed my CSQ was expired since June 2018, I was worried till I got the bellow info in addition to a letter on November reassuring me
    The CSQ is considered still valid once you apply for the Federal before it expires

    "If the applicant’s CSQ is valid at the receipt of the application at the CIO, the CSQ will be considered valid until a decision is rendered on the permanent residence application by IRCC."

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  11. Now I have received GCMS today & I have one question in my this GCMS whatever says in (notes) is as on 12/12/2018 ( one month ago when I applied) or it’s today’s 11/01/2019 I wish to know they print GCMS on the same day they received application and then send after one month or they print till the application date I am bit confused if anyone can put light please
  12. Based on my knowledge, It takes them one month in order to collect the necessary information.
  13. Hi everyone.

    I requested my GCMS and here's what I can see on it:

    1. Security: Not started
    2. Admissibility: Not started
    3. Medical examination: Not started
    4.Criminality: ongoing
    Under criminality I can see the following:
    - Biographical: Done, nothing to report
    - RCMP: Done, nothing to report

    Just to let you know guys, here's my stats:
    APP: 05.03.2018
    AOR: 06.27.2018

    Is it normal that I have such long delay on the criminal check?

    I can also see the due date on security, admissibility, medical examination and criminality is 06.27.2019, so 1 year after my AOR. The office is Ottawa. What do you think guys? :)
  14. Hi All, I was following the threads for a very long time and I decided to post today as I can’t wait any longer to start our new life AOR - 27th October / biometrics and police reports submitted / landing fees paid / pre arrival services received and Iam waiting for Medicals. Please share your thoughts

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