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Quebec Investor

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by Songsort, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. I applied for Quebec business investor from Sep 2017 and got CSQ in May 2018, now just next step to Federal, it shows need almost 46 months in Federal procedure. It's really so so so long~~~~ don't know if anyone pass the processing times earlier?
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  2. Hello! Where is your case now . Because I also applied in 2015 March . And waiting for medical
  3. Hi, Singapore, I am just in the procedure to Federal. It will need to wait at least 46 months. I think you will got the medical notice within one year. Everything will be going smoothly bro. I am just curious why we invest lots of money but need to wait so so long time. ><
    I am afraid I will forget that I have applied for this when waiting, lol.
  4. Hi Farah
    Any progress?
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    Thank you for sharing your timeline. I did submit my own and eagerly wait for the result so really appreciate your sharing.
    Some comments and questions:
    • I submit in Jan 2018 and receive the number of acceptance from MIDI in early Feb 2018, given your 8 months response time, I hope mine is forth coming...
    • Post - CSQ, I understand the CIC website says 46 months, but I read somewhere it is faster now like 2-3 years, and my aget also said the same thing, but not sure how reliable is this information. I am curious if depends on what nationality you are (i.e. those from countries with lots of applications may take longer processing time, etc.) Any thoughts on this?
    Thank you again for sharing the timeline and the thoughts!
  6. Hi
    Website says 46 months , my agent also tells me 18-20 months . It’s a guessing game actually post CSQ.
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  7. Any good news, anyone
    Any progress / MR received ?
  8. I come across this recent article by Radio Canada (in French)


    The information for pre-CSQ is that "the rate of accepted candidates without interviews, in all regions, has skyrocketed from 14% in 2013 to 74%. today." which is quite insightful information for me.

    Is this in line with your own experience? I am still waiting for the interview invitation so am very curious to know about this stats about interview, if it is in line with direct experience of people in this forum.

    Thank you.
  9. Hi Bikram , greetings

    What stage are you at now ? Pls share your complete timeline. Which is your visa office ?
    As far as I go , Iam waiting for my AOR
    Waiting anxiously for your feedback
  10. Hi guys

    I have a question.
    My status in CIC has changed to Decision made on 22 September 2018. We did medicals on 16 of August and also we paid hanging fee.
    But we have not received passport request letter?
    What do young? what I need to do?
    my visa office is Paris

    Thanks Guys
  11. PPR would follow soon
    Kindly share your complete timeline from date of application , CSQ to medicals pls
  12. Hi, Thank you for your answer. Don't you know how long does it take normally for PPR after decision Made?
    It is our complete timeline from date of application:
    1. CSQ February 2015
    2. We received your application for permanent residence on May 29, 2015.
    3. We started processing your application on August 25, 2015.
    4. We did Medical Test on August 2018
    5. We Paid our landing fees on August 2018.
    6. Our status has changed to Decision Made 22 September 2018
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  13. Congratulations on your achievement.
    Iam sorry but I do not have knowledge of time from DM to PPR
    MAYBE seniors who have gone through it can answer
    Iam far behind you in the process . Iam as of now waiting for my AOR
    Submitted forms to federal ( Post CSQ) in September 2018
    I have a long journey to complete

    What was your VO?
    Thnx and all the best for your future in Quebec . Stay in touch .
  14. I hope you reach to final stage very fast.
    my visa office: Paris
    good luck
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