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Quebec Investor applying in 2018

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by Thanate, Jan 22, 2019.

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    Dear all,

    I would like to start a new thread for those who applied to QIIP in recent year. This is in spite of various threads because those mostly discussed the process AFTER the CSQ and it seems there are many recent developments that may have altered processing time, etc.

    Here is some important recent development that might interest you, my fellow applicants:

    1. Only small portion of applicants now are invited to interview. (see note #1)

    2. Change in Quebec Governing party may affect negatively the processing time of QIIP applications. (See note #2)

    I applied QIIP in February 2018 and so far (22 January 2019) it is almost 12 months now, and haven’t heard back from the agent, the bank, MIDI whatsoever. I have heard (in this forum) cases of hearing back within 8-9 months so this starts to get me nervous.

    My question to you is: what was your timeline for QIIP?
    Thank you in advance.

    Note #1:

    The information for pre-CSQ is that "the rate of accepted candidates without interviews, in all regions, has skyrocketed from 14% in 2013 to 74%. today."

    Note #2:


    "But since, while keeping the application quota unchanged, the government has decided to reduce by more than 50% the number of CSQs it hands out, a CSQ backlog will grow sharply. The wait-times for Canadian federal permanent residency, however, may shorten within a few years, as admission rates remain greater than those of selection. "
  2. Dear Thanate :- it’s nice from you to open new thread for Quebec Investor before CSQ .
    All this details for me .
    1-start my application in 30 Nov 2015
    2- Request document ( first time ) 2 August 2016
    3- I send the Request document late ( near 3 month ) in 1 Nov 2016
    4- Request document ( second time ) in begin of December 2016
    5- I send the Request document second time middle of December
    6- Request interview in 17 January 2017
    7- unfortunately I apply for visa ( for interview ) the Visa Office refuse give me Visa ( I be very sad for this ,,, actually my file very strong file ) and I beleive my application 100% refuse .
    8- in 10 Feb my Lawyer send me notes my application approval without interview ,,, Miracle
    9- I transfer money end of February 2017
    10- CSQ date 4-4-2017
    Apply for federal 29-05-2017
    11- AOR 21 July 2017
    12-nothing update until today .

    Actually maybe until hear something you need arround 9 month to 1 year and with CSQ arround 18 month ( this before ) now the Rules change .
    This Is for me ,,, hope this information is useful for you .
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  3. Dear Thanate if you have any Question you can Ask and I’m ready to replay you .

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  4. Hi
    I applied under QIIP in November 2016
    Was asked for updated documents twice.
    Interview was held in February 2018

    So you are well within the timeframe .

    As no updations have been asked from you , maybe you are in chance of getting CSQ without the interview . All the best !
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  6. Hello everyone,

    Here is my update
    - February 2018 - Applied QIIP
    - February 2019 - Invitation to an interview in May 2019 (Montreal)
    - March 2019 - Postponement of an interview due to "administrative reasons"

    Speaking of which, anyone heard of such postponement? This is quite frustrating given that I have arranged for flight and accommodation...
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  7. Dear Thanate it’s good point that they send you invitation for interview ( that mean your file in good condition and good situation ( more than 90% your application get approval in the future so don’t worry ) and about the postponement This maybe because they extended the time for receive application until August 2019 . All the best wishes for you my friend .
  8. Thank you, Laithhisham.

    For our file, it was the 2018 application batch, so I wasn't expecting that the extension of 2019 application batch would affect us. Plus, they extended invitation themselves so it was quite a surprise that they postponed.

    Anyway, thank you again for the encouragement.
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  9. Dear Thanate ,,, yes it’s true ,,, it’s really surprise but nothing come easy ,,, no file get problem same as my file ( and actually my file was very strong file with all true document and asset with great management experience more than 10 years for business experience and have staff 8 person with social insurance under my control and i control all bank account And my company under my name with big capital investment with college certificate all full options ,,, now start the problem first the Visa for interview was refused by Canadian Visa Office in shanghai without reason ,,, Quebec immigration send notifications three time ask my for additional document or update some document ... So after all this I’m sure my file will get rejection by Quebec immigration government ,,, but after this I get approval without interview ... otherwise I have friend we apply in the same time he is without work experience without Enough assets without college certificate he get approval before me and visa interview accept and he attended the interview and pass ,,, so it’s Various depend in the officer who review your file ,,, all the good wishes to you .
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  10. May I ask here, in you step 6 - Request interview in 17 January 2017 - did you mean the invitation was dated 17 January 2017 but for the interview on another date? Or did you mean the interview was scheduled on 17 January 2017?

    They gave you such a short notice for an interview, just a month in advance?
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  11. Dear Thanate :- sorry ,,, the interview scheduled on 7 Feb 2017 ,,, the 17 January I send additional document to my lawyer .
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  12. Dear Thanate :- important is you must Patience and after You be ok ,,, Canadian immigration is the best government ,,, so don’t worry too much after everything will be fine .
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  13. Hi
    My heart goes out for u
    This generally should not happen , unless and until there is some utmost emergency
    Why they postponed it , confuses me . Did they cite any specific reason? Have you some latest update on this ?
    Maybe they are working on the changes to be made or something??

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