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Quebec Investor applying in 2018

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by Thanate, Jan 22, 2019.

  1. Thank you for your kind words.
    The letter was in French and the only reason given was, as I said "administrative reasons"

    The letter mentioned that if we have paid for interpreter service (which we did as we were recommended by our agent to do so) they will return the cheque. It wasn't clear why if the new interview invitation is forthcoming, they should have just held that money for a moment...

    They agent said it is probably 50/50 chance of interview waiver / postponement.

    Personally I had hoped for interview waiver given that the news article I shared earlier said that in 2018, 74% of applicants got the waiver...
  2. Wishing you get a waiver too. Good luck !
  3. Some news about QIIP from the media (in French)
    From what I gathered, the new government led by CAQ seems to want to change the program. Would this affect those already applied in one way or another? (See Link 1 & Link 2)

    Link 1

    The CAQ was very critical of the inability of the government of Philippe Couillard to stem the exodus of these immigrants.
    "It is necessary to find ways to remedy this problem and to retain it. "
    He also deplored the fact that banks and other financial institutions, called "financial intermediaries" in the jargon of the program, put their pockets.
    The CAQ then intended:
    • (1 to require investors who wish to finance part of the 1.2 million investment to borrow from Québec rather than from a financial intermediary;
    • 2 to repay the first half of the investment in five years, provided that they have assets in Québec equivalent to more than 10% of their assets;
    • 3 to progressively repay the second half in the next five years according to the financial commitments of the immigrant to Quebec.
    Link 2
    Mr. Jolin-Barrette is well aware of this situation, since as of 2015, the CAQ MP proposed an in-depth reform of the program.
    Now Minister, he refused to grant us an interview on this subject.
    On Friday, however, he argued that he would look at the program "in a few months", while refusing to say whether he will make the changes he proposed when he was in opposition.

    Link 3
    (nothing specific, generally about the negative impact of the program to Canadian real estate market)
  4. Dear thanate :- what happen It’s hard for you ,,, time for interview extended ,,, patience the only way to pass the hard time ,,, we are same you ,,, wait & wait & wait we hope we can see the light in the end of tunnel .
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  5. Only God knows what they are upto and what will become of us !!
    We are all in the same frustrating scenario where nothing is certain
    Hope and pray for all of us !!
  6. The letter of postponement was dated 29th March 2019, which I just realized to be the last working day of Quebec fiscal year. I am not sure if I should read much into this as there is still no update since...
  7. Dear Thanate :- please not read too much in the net as many news make you disappointed and some are not true or fake news ,,, keep your eyes only for CIC website any update you will find there .
    For business investor immigration still valid but only extended the time ,,, I wish to you get CSQ early .

  8. I have the same timeline from Dhaka
    Interview held on April 2017
    Federal application received in January 2019
    AOR received in March 2019
    Biometric request on March 2019
  9. Hello everyone,

    Here is my update as of 27-May-2019

    - February 2018 - Applied QIIP
    - February 2019 - Invitation to an interview in May 2019 (Montreal)
    - March 2019 - Postponement of an interview due to "administrative reasons"
    - 27-May-2019 - No update from MIDI even though it has passed the original date of interview for more than a week already

    Anyone in this situation before with "Postponement"?
  10. Hi everyone,

    After two month from last correspondence for "postponement" , Midi sent us a letter scheduling an interview in September (three and a half month from the original date)

    All in all the interview is 19 months since we submitted our application...
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  11. Congratulations Thanate ,,, it’s good news from long time ,,, all the best wishes for you .
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  12. Hello. I hope you are doing well. i would like to kniw after interview how much time one have to wait for PR?
  13. Hello. I hope your are doing well. Do you know after interview how much time do one have to wait to get PR?
  14. Dear hunain :- it’s my pleasure to answer your question ,,, you need to wait ( after receiving your CSQ ) almost 49 months maybe less maybe a little bit more . This depend on your luck . Hope to you all the best wishes .
  15. OH GOD AND after applying till when you get CSQ after how many months nowadays?

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