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Quebec Immigration - Skilled Worker Program

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by visaexpert, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. Dear Stillhope, some immigration consultancies told me that med. rep's are eligible for this. please confirm me about this.
  2. All are fraud, i also worked as a Medical sales rep in india and as per my qualification i m B.SC (industrial Chemistry specialization in Pharmaceutical), Diploma in Pharmacy and M.BA from uk. So if u want to consult with immigration consultant consult with david coheh.

    its happened with me (If your case got rejected they dont pay u so be care full from these fraud consultants, they all r money minded)
    yes if u experience as a pharmacist in last 10 years then u r eligeble other wise dont take a chance
    which part of india u r living and who are the consultants (because i have a very bad experience with few of them in india)


  3. i'm from Ludhiana punjab. CWC immigration consultants told me about this because they said there are not pharmacist in thier list, there are pharmacy technical assistant. thats why i was confused. even i was damn sure abt that sales exp. is not eligible. now i've to make exp. of retail pharmacist.
  4. which list federal or quebec

  5. quebec
  6. Hello my friend

    u can apply in quebec but u need 49 points which is very difficult at the movement

    i am calculating your points

    age 16
    Exp 6 (If u have experience more than 24 months otherwise 4)
    Education 10 Points (U are not getting any point for your area of training because B.Pharma is not in priority list of quebec

    English 4 (If u appear in ielts and passed with 7 bands then u can make 2 more points, or otherwise take a letter from your collage that medium of instruction was english and you meet doctors speak with them in english not other language and take a reference letter from any doctors that u r using english in work then u can make 2 more points
    Finalcial sufficency 1

    so your total is 37 (39 if u take a letter from your employer / university / or ielts )

    so u r still short of 8 points means u have to pass delf b1 (which gives u 8 points )to apply so think about


  7. Thank you stillhope for your valuable suggestion !!!!
  8. Hello StillHope !!!

    After i apply for Quebec immigration which takes 10 to 12 months to process and in mean time if we have kids, how do i proceed for that? Please Guide !!!
  9. Thanks for your reply stillhope. but b.pharm comes under Section B training area having 12 points. beacause they have listed pharmacy technical assistant in that case they required D.pharma. It is confirmed that B.pharm comes under sction B of traing area.
  10. yes pharmacy technical assistant they want but they dont want B.Pharma (B.Pharma is 4 year degree and they want 1.5year secondery level vocational course not degree)if u think u r eligeble then u can apply but as per me i dont think they need B.Pharma.

    rest is up to u.

  11. @limeloveaman,

    B.pharma is in section E of Quebec area of training which is given 0 both for PA and AA.

    D.pharma as you know has it own requirements.

    check the following link.
    Good luck
  12. ok i'll again confirm about it.
  13. I am planning to apply for Quebec Skilled worker Program.
    Would it be fine if i learn French from some private institute rather then Alliance française and take exam from Alliance française?

    Has anyone done any of these exams, can someone tell me which is easier? Also, what kind of preperation did you have to do for these exams?


    If anyone has a list of documents that required at initial stage, please email me on harit79@gmail.com

    Thanks for your help in advance.
  14. @harit79,

    All your questions are asked by others and our good friends have given very reasonable response just go through this thread and other threads you will find your answer.
    In case you are having difficult question then we are here to help you.
    But for facilitating your job I am posting this link go through it you will get all your answers.


    good luck
  15. hello Brad,

    if u got kid before interview then it is fine just update your file and they will issue yours baby csq with u at the time of interview. If u got baby after getting CSq then u have to submitt yours and then they issued again altogether that will consume time.
    for your refferenc i am sending another member post here for u
    I'm new to this forum, good to see posts from all of you. My details are mentioned as below...

    Federal Application (Buffalo): 20-Nov-2010
    Bank DD En-cashed: 7th-Jan-2011
    Moved to India due to unavoidable reasons Sad( : Jan-2011
    AOR with Medical Forms received: 16-Mar-2011 (Mail Directed to a friends place)
    Blessed with a baby boy: 19-Mar-2011
    Address Changed to Indian Address / Notified CIC about change in Family: 2-Apr-2011
    Medicals Done in India: 15-Apr-2011
    Medical received in Ottawa: 26-Apr-2011
    Applied for Baby's CSQ: 25-Apr-2011
    Received Baby's CSQ 28-May-2011
    Sent baby's fee + CSQ + Passport Details + Updated forms on 1-Jun-2011
    Baby's package received by CIC Buffalo: 10-Jun-2011

    Waiting for baby's medical form. Hope they send it out soon.
    Also planning to send them the VISA fee soon for me and wife.

    I guess me application will be delayed a bit, it's so depressing waiting everyday for something to happen. Hope time will get good news for us.

    All d best to all.. and keep on sharing your views / comments !



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