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Quebec Business Investor Program

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by Gurinder148, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. If I am not wrong is it my dossier no. Which is also mentioned on csq and it is started with HA or is it dossier no. MICC-DIE starts with C like C0000000000?
  2. Hello Everyone,

    We have not heard something substantial for a long time in this forum.

    Was wondering if any of you (Quebec Investors) have found any progress ?

    My consultant is confident our case should be thru by mid 2014.

    I applied to CIC Nova Scotia (with CSQ) on 12th March 2013 and received acknowledgment
    on 10th April saying the file is complete and it is being transferred to New Delhi for
    further processing. Upto mid Sept Security and Medical according to the GCMS notes which
    I has ordered. This was obviously due to the strike.

    Will appreciate some input from others waiting for New Delhi Visa Office to process.

  3. Hi Hello,

    It is nice to hear that your file is in progress.

    I have similar Quebec Investors program and dates as well i.e. I applied with CIC
    Nova Scotia after I got my CSQ No. around same date of yours and got acknowledgement
    on 19th April 2013 stating that file has been received but nothing after that at all and there
    is no update after that as on date. So this is something really strange.

    Have you got confirmation stating that your file has been transferred to Delhi?
    Will appreciate if you can confirm on this.

    Do you also mean that you have been requested for Medical and security checks already
    or not for this September or this will be September 2014?
    From where did you order GCMS?

    I know I have asked lot of questions but will appreciate if you can spare few minutes
    and advise so that I can also check with Lawyer as to what is going on?

    Once again your response will be highly appreciated.
    God bless us all and good luck.

  4. Hi Viz,

    You can contact valery@lawpoint.ca....I got my GCMS thru them. Took appprox a month
    though they take 45 days time.

    Please read your AOR from CIC. It will state that the file has been shifted to the relevant visa office
    for further processing.

    The Ecas for me shows 'Application received' since April. However this may not reflect the position
    as the screen shows it has not been updated since july 2013. We are expecting the Medical and that
    should happen in the next 2-3 months.

    Upto mid Sept the Medical and security on my file had not been initiated as reflected in the GCMS notes
    dated 16-09-2013. That was probably owing to the strike.

    However the consultant process should be done by mid 2014....I myself do not know if that is
    a correct guesstimate or not.....we can only assume after comparing notes with others in this forum
    whose files are in New Delhi.... the timeline will vary according to each visa office....

    Hope this helps. Regards
  5. Hi There,

    I had written to CIC - Nova Scotia office about my file status and got a reply
    back yesterday saying that your file has been shifted to Abu Dhabi office and
    I should contact Abu Dhabi VO to find out the status.

    However the status on their website still shows that "Application received on
    19th April 2013" so was very surprised to receive above response that my file
    is already in Abu Dhabi VO but when it has reached Abu Dhabi they have not
    mentioned at all in the email I got or on the website as well is not updated.

    Anyways now I have sent online file status tracer to Abu Dhabi VO to know what
    is going on and let us hope they reply soon and then I will know what is going
    on and when further things will happen.

    So looking on a positive note there is some movement but now how long we
    have to again waaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit don't know.

    But let us all hope for the best and pray all of us get our processes done asap.

    God bless and best of luck to all.

  6. Dear viz,

    Really it's too tough to make any prediction about the time frame of the movement of our file. My VO is Singapore and in this stage I got responds from VO approx 9/10 months later.

    Hope the process become faster and faster.

    May Allah bless us all.

  7. Hi Leo,

    Thank you for the response and :'( hope that I don't have to wait for 9 months
    again for VO to reply and hope that Abu Dhabi VO replies fast!!!

    God this is so so frustrating man !!!

    Anyways God has designated time for everything and let us hope for the

    Take care
  8. You are right. Every thing has designated by almighty Allah ...
    May Allah helps us all...
  9. Hi
    I got my CSQ in Nov 2012 and applied to Nova Scotia in Jan 2013 got file number in March 2013 intimating that my file is complete and has been sent to New Delhi VO. Till date have not received any communication from VO. Can any one update ??
  10. Hi Guys,

    I received the intimation for medicals today.

    Things are moving in NDVO !!

    Regards to all. Hang in there.
  11. Congratulation. ......
  12. Congretulations friends for yours progress...
    I ve sent my pr visa application kit along with csq on 27th Nov. 2013 by courier to the following add.-

    Citizenship and immigration canada
    Quebec business class
    Centralized intake office
    49 Dorchester street
    Sydney, NS
    B1P 5Z2

    ..and delivered on 4th December 2013, but I ve not recieved any acknowledgement email till date.
    Is it normal or a reason to worry.
    Actually I m really worried about it.
    What to do??

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