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Quebec Business Category Processing time

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by vizsagar, May 29, 2013.

  1. Hey Leo,

    Where are you man? Hope everything is with you and please if you have any improvement
    on your file.

  2. Hi viz,
    Due to performing holy Hazz I could not join in this forum last couple of week.
    Still I at Madina al Monwara. So I could not contacted with my agent and that's the reason still I do not know about the progress.

    Hope next week I will be at home and can give you some updates.
    Thanks bro.
  3. Hi Leo,

    Hope you are back from Haj and please advise if you have any update on your file?

    For my file, I have been informed by my lawyer that even after doing all the investment
    this January 2013 and getting my file no. in April 2013, it will take approx. 1 year period for anything
    to happen next therefore it is bloody long wait again after waiting for 3 years already.

    Have sent mails to various departments for file status but as usual no response at all.

    This is getting so so so frustrating by the day.

    Anyways god has time for everything as and when it has to happen.
    keep waaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiting!!!

    All the best and god bless us all.

  4. Thanks bro,
    I had contacted with my lawyer and there is no updates at all. They informed me to wait few days more and will get some reply soon.
    I don't know when. So keep waiting and nothing else.

    May Allah bless us all.


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