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Discussion in 'Quebec Immigration' started by wingsofmaybe7777, Mar 20, 2010.

  1. Make sure you stay in good health. You, and your whole family, everyone. I remember reading just in this thread last year, a person was rejected because his wife has a medical condition. :(
  2. Really? It is unfortunate that people may be rejected because of something they don't have control over like their health condition!! I will try my best. Thanks
  3. Yeah, I was called for an interview. I attended the interview, but I got refused.

    Yes, I am planning to apply for CSQ again this year.

    What should I answer on question number 10? If I had applied for a Permanent Immigration to Quebec.

    Is it a YES or a NO?

    If YES, isn't it CSQ is different from Permanent Residence Application?

    If No, doesn't it mean I did not apply for CSQ?

    Please, I need a sound and expert answer.

    Thank you!
  4. Anyone heard that a PhD graduate who wishes to apply for CSQ through PEQ program needs to take certain exams in French? Is there any discrimination between PhD graduates and non PhD graduates for this matter?

  5. It is indeed. But i'm afraid this is the case for nearly every immigration program in Canada. :) They dont want people who will cause a huge burden to their medical system later. Don't worry too much though since minor health issues are not great concerns.
  6. Ohhh! So sorry about that.
    What was the reason for rejection?

    Your answer should be No.
    Csq is different from pr.

    I hope that after rejection, you weren't ban for 5years?
  7. Thanks Newjwel. +1 for you. No, luckily I don't need more points. Now, I'm still waiting document from tax office regarding my proof of income tax payment.
  8. Hi Everyone,
    I need your help and please share experiences if any of you know of someone who faced a similar situation. My friend basically got a refusal of CSQ on the grounds on improperly "formatted" document that he submitted with his application. Can anyone please opine on the next course of action?
  9. Would you please mention more details, such as which part of the format of which document your friend failed to follow? This happened to so many applicants of qsw...
  10. Brothers, any idea about when the cap of 6300 this year for QSW will be reached?
  11. Intake period is not started yet, Well it will be reached very soon when it is started. I think it will take one month or maximum two month. Coz a lot of people are waiting for it.
  12. It was his foreign tax returns that were rejected. But ironically 1 of 4 tax returns were accepted and 3 were refused... It doesnf make any sense at all. Also to start with they didnt provide any specific formats to follow...

    Is it possible to have some FaceTime with them so that the situation can be explained?

  13. Tax returns, what is this, are you referring to "income tax proof"? The ones that your friend provided, are they original documents/notarized copies? Is he sure there is absolutely no difference between the accepted one and the refused ones?

  14. Hello Rabeya84
    How can I get the "tax exempted certificate" from Bangladesh NBR.
  15. Hi,
    Has anyone had the experience with withdrawing Quebec application?
    I wroto to them saying that I want to withdraw my application, and they told me that I have to call them. I called on the number given, however the automatic machine does not give any option of withdrawing application. It is about students visas, sponsorship visa, etc. But, there is no option of pressing a number for Quebec Skilled workers or similar.
    Please share experience if you know anything.

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