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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by manansaini, Jul 15, 2019.

  1. Hi,

    Staring this thread who apply Spouse PR in 2019 and live in Quebec.

    Application processing seems stuck after they issue CSQ. Most of us (those on WA group) stuck at this stage. There is no medical request after CSQ is issued. So there is someone out there who has finished the process it will be helpful to provide the timeline.

    Please share your timeline:
    When did you apply spouse PR application under the family class to CIC?
    When did you apply CSQ (after you received a request from CIC)?
    When did you receive CSQ?
    When did you receive CIC medical request after CSQ is issued? (If any)
    When did you receive passport request? (if any)

  2. My Timeline:

    Spouse PR application submitted: Feb, 2019
    CSQ request: April, 2019
    CSQ Received: June, 2019
    MR: Still waiting ...

  3. Hi,

    I am a December 2018 applicant. I have applied outland and I am currently living outside Canada but Sponsored as a Quebec applicant since most of my ties in Canada are in Quebec (easier to prove intent to return). I am sponsoring a common-law partner.

    Timeline :
    AOR : December 20
    SA : April 9
    Transfert to Mississauga visa office : April 15
    CSQ Request : April 17
    CSQ Approved : June 10
    MR : Waiting

    Nothing after that

    One thing I came across when looking for information about why all Quebec applications look to be stuck at MR is that it must have to do with the new immigration bill in Quebec. I learned that even if you have a CSQ, you are not done yet with MIDI since IRCC is technically required to take into consideration the total number of immigrants that the MIDI wants to let in on a yearly basis. Since the new bill not only lower the number of total immigrants admitted per year (40 000 compered to 50 000 the year before), it also increases the percentage of applications that needs to come from an economic program from 55% to 65%. All of those things considered, it looks like there are much less places available each month, which mean a longer waiting time caused by a backlog of other waiting cases. And since IRCC must deal with a degree of uncertainty regarding the number of applications that can be approved to come to Quebec in a set period of time, they must be waiting until they are sure that the applicant will be able to come soon before sending MR. Especially when compered to applicants going to other provinces who get their medical request early in the process for the most part.

    Of course I'm theorizing, but if you are trying to make sense of it, evidence really point into that direction.

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  4. Hi Josh,

    I have gone through those articles. It is somewhat correlating why Quebec applicants have more processing time as compared to others but still once CSQ is issued its upto federal to do the rest of the processing. So for those who has CSQ processing time should not be too much different than other provinces.

    Just a thought.
  5. Hi,

    Yes of course IRCC is indeed processing the file by itself after CSQ is received, but they still need to take into consideration the number of applicant for each category that Quebec wants to admit in a set period of time. It's part of the Quebec-Canada immigration agreement (Section I). CSQ is actually only a confirmation that you meet some requirements, just like SA, it's not approved based on immigration targets but rather on eligibility to meet those requirements.

    It becomes even more obvious when looking at processing time for Quebec Skilled Workers that recently went up to 17 months (for other skilled worker programs it's 6 months), considering they need to have the CSQ before applying at IRCC and that processing time doesn't take into consideration the time required to get it upfront. MIDI won't be processing anything in that 17months, It's only getting clogged because of a backlog.

    And while I was looking a bit more into it with annual reports from MIDI, they admitted and average of 11 500 applicants for family sponsorship per year in the last 5 years. They are actually looking to admit only between 8 900 to 9 400 for 2019. So they are basically throttling back 200 applications per month compered to last year, it's going to have some impacts.

    I think what we are unfortunately going to see is a gap building up between family sponsorship processing time between Quebec and the rest of the country.
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  6. no, the family sponsorship hasnt been affected yet.

    the delay is not related by going to quebec.
  7. Of course we can never be 100% sure that's the main reason why, but on the other hand the evidence is pretty compelling. I can't see why applicants that applied in 2019 won't be affected by lowered targets for family immigration set for the exact same year.

    How can going down from 11 500 applicants admitted per year before that to between 8 900 to 9 400 for 2019 won't affect the processing time given the fact that the number of applicant will remain stable throughout the year ? It's not assumption it's facts that you can verify on MIDI reports here : https://www.quebec.ca/gouv/ministere/immigration/publications/#c11579

    Not to mention that it's the first time that Quebec push down the immigrants targets for family reunification by such a large number. It surely can disrupt the normal processing time. I never came across anyone who got COPR yet that applied from Quebec since October 2018.

    Everybody is free to make their own mind about that, but on the other hand what is making you so sure that it's not affecting applicants ?
  8. the number of applicant coming from family class isnt set by quebec, unless this change, quebec can say what ever they want, they cant impose a quota, quebec isnt a country, its a province and its up to the federal gov to decide.

    read carefully what you are linking, they are playing with the words, those are projections and things they hope to accomplish , those numbers arent set by quebec and it wont ever be set by quebec unless the federal laws change.
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  9. Well like I said, everybody is free to make their own mind about this. But you need to keep in mind that it's not just words, IRCC is indeed legally bound by a formal agreement between Quebec and Canada, that like any other agreement between two parties can be challenged in court if one party consider that the other is not fulfilling their commitment. https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/corporate/mandate/policies-operational-instructions-agreements/agreements/federal-provincial-territorial/quebec/canada-quebec-accord-relating-immigration-temporary-admission-aliens.html

    That agreement states that :

    Québec has the rights and responsibilities set out in this Accord with respect to the number of immigrants destined to Québec and the selection, reception and integration of those immigrants.

    Canada shall establish annually the total number of immigrants for the country as a whole, taking into consideration Québec’s advice on the number of immigrants that it wishes to receive.

    Again you decide by yourself what you make of it and how it affects processing time in the current situation. Obviously, Quebec can't "impose" unilaterally any number, but I think it's wrong to assume that IRCC is just going to approve applicants without first taking into consideration levels set by Quebec, as the agreement states, there are definitely some talks between IRCC and MIDI regarding those targets where they probably reach common ground.

    If you don't agree it's fine, I'm more then opened to hear about what you think might be causing delays. Maybe you came across applicants from Quebec that applied since October 2018 and went all the way through COPR so far. Personally I didn't. But I saw a whole lot of applicants who have been admitted in the rest of the country during that time.
  10. Hi

    My Timeline :
    AOR : March 6
    SA : April 3
    Transfert to Ankara visa office : April 3
    CSQ Request : April 3
    CSQ Approved : Waiting
    MR : Waiting

    I also know another Quebec applicant (August 2018) that received MR on April 2019 (CSQ: May 2019) and still waiting for DM.
  11. Received MR Today July 19, 2019 and CSQ Received June 5, 2019 :)
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  12. Common-law application sent from France in July 2019 for PA from Finland/Russia. Will be updating this thread with the progress. Planning to move to Montreal.
  13. Applied June 19, 2019
    AOR: Aug 8, 2019
    Biometrics: Aug 19, 2019

    When did you apply CSQ (after you received a request from CIC)?
    Still Waiting

    I think it takes one month to get CSQ after you apply for CSQ. Which is not that bad.
  14. Hi everyone,

    Application submitted - Aug 8, 2019 (via Canada expresspost)
    Application received - Aug 12, 2019
    PA from India

    Good luck to us!:)
  15. It seems to be longer than a month currently. Seems to be 2-3 months.

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