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PSU employment in India

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by krithink, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. Kindly guide me in this regard as we have so many queries in our mind. I work in PSU in India & want to immigrate to CANADA along with family . At what stage NOC is needed at Visa stage or when taking leave? whether will there be any difficulty in getting NOC? What is the procedure for taking NOC? Because I don't want to relieve from my job at present. If Primary applicant could not immigrate, whether other applicants from my family can proceed to go? what is time limit within which one has to immigrate after getting ITA?
  2. Too many questions....

    1. NOC (No Objection Certificate) is required once you receive Invitation to Apply from IRCC.
    2. You will have to contact your employer and have to get it on a letterhead. This is similar to what PSU employees usually get while applying for passport.
    3. NOC is mandatory for Primary applicant, however there are certain ways which should be approached only if NOC is impossible.
    4. Once you get PR, even your dependents can go first and apply for PR cards. Each applicant has to land within 1 year of medical test date (usually).
  3. The Primary applicant has to land first. The dependents may accompany or land later before the expiry of visa.
  4. yes, that is what. If a wife is primary applicant landing with a 1 year old kid, it would be very difficult for her to manage until there is a relative in that city. Of course, the spouse (dependent) can land first and make arrangements and then bring family.

    I have real cases who have done this.

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