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PRTD from Islamabad/Pakistan - 2018

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by global_citizen, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. its quite disappointing did you send them case specific form at there website?i have sent to abu dhabi and got a generic reply that application is currently reviewed by and officer.
  2. I applied for prtd on 6th dec. Its been 4 months now. Sent several inquiries by phone by email, Sent to islamabad embassy, to abudhabi embassy. They always send generic reply that its under review by officer. I also contacted local MP office they have sent a couple emails to cic, and cic forwarded request to abudhabi embassy, but no reaponse yet. Not sure what else can i do?

    16 weeks gone. This is frustating now.
  3. we cant do anything else they took their forever time of their own choice...i dont know why they taking so long its just a travel document in other countries ppl getting travel document in few weeks
  4. do u hav US visa?
  5. any update ? mine 90days gone already no update
  6. 14 weeks gone and nothing, received the same generic email that others have mentioned.
  7. 13 weeks gone quite disappointed.....some ppl are waiting here for more than 16 weeks
  8. any update guys i hope 16 weeks is the max time to get PTRD ?
  9. please update
  10. So finally i got my prtd on 12th april 2018.
    Best of luck.
  11. so happy to hear from you i guess 16 week is the max time to get PRTD....
    thanks for the update
  12. No, do you guys knows how to count? A$im applied in December 6th and got PRTD on Apr 12. So, it's 18 weeks.
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  13. any update please?
  14. yah its 18 weeks

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